My New Book – Elite Seduction: Actionable Tools For Love, Seduction and Dating

May 6, 2019 - 1 minute read

I am in London, the city that has been home to me for over a decade. The city that has provided a base for my business. The city that has been a wonderful playground and transformation centre for all of the clients that we serve on a weekly basis.

Now, It feels weird to be writing this but 13 years ago I picked up my first book about seduction. Back then, I would have never of thought that I would be brining out my own book in the distant future but the day has come and I can now proudly announce that I have now launched my brand new book Elite Seduction: Actionable Tools for Love Seduction and Dating.

With 10 chapters of tools, case studies and personal stories that tie up each chapter to the point I’m putting across this book is designed to get you right into the action.

Get your copy here.

Head on over to amazon  and grab your copy today. The book is available on both Kindle and paperback. I look forward to finding out how you get on with it!

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