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Elite Seduction: Actionable Tools for Love, Seduction, and Dating



The leading Human Behaviourist and Dating Coach for Men reveals his Unique and Proven system to finding Love, attracting Elite women, and meeting the woman of your dreams

Before we get into what’s in this book, we need to make sure you’re in the right place:

– Do you find yourself in situations where you feel like you are peddling 100 mph into the conversation only to find yourself out of breath and nothing left to talk about?
– Do you find your self falling into the same old pattern that feels like ‘eleven o’clock pub chat’ when you finally muster up the courage to speak to an attractive lady?
– Do you over analyse a situation in its entirety to the extent where you’ve completely let the moment pass and once again missed ANOTHER opportunity?

The statistics show that 34.5% of men are single and it’s getting harder to meet and attract the women of your dreams. As the modern world of politics, social movements, and dating apps pull men and women apart, it’s time to give men a clear and simple way that they can attract high-class women without gimmicks, being creepy, and ensuring both parties get exactly what they want.

In this book, you’ll receive actionable tools that will make NOT finding your dream partner literally impossible, as well as:

– The Truth About Why You’re Holding Yourself Back from Meeting Your Dream Partner
– The Secret to Becoming an Elite Seducer Quickly
– The Secret Seduction Language that Women Use
– Why Most Men Have Terrible Conversations with Women
– The Line Between “Suggestive & Cheeky” & “Predatorial & Creepy”

…and much, much more.

This book has been designed to give you stimulating interactions with women and for you to have the best possible experience in your social and dating world for the rest of your life.

This book completely takes you through what it takes to install the correct mindset principles that a woman finds attractive in a man and what mindset you need to have if you want to become an elite seducer.

Wave goodbye to the passive, mundane, and bland.

Welcome into your existence newfound abilities that will give you access to an endless amount of opportunities within love, seduction, and dating.

But don’t take our word for it, here’s what Johnny’s clients say about him:

“I sought out Johnny because I came to a point in my life where I needed a change. I was 21 and I’ve been nervous and awkward around attractive women my whole life. I’ve had a few brief relationships but they all ended badly and I could never approach women in social occasions. In fact, until I met Johnny, I had severe doubts about whether if I could attract beautiful women at all.” – Marcus, Private Equity, London

“Johnny is a master psychologist. His understanding of women does not only come from his past experiences, but also through his vast knowledge gathered from NLP and other psychology-related publications. His infield coaching not only gives students an edge in dealing with women but also gives students a unique insight into many aspects of human behaviour.” – Justin, Computer Technology, London

“I’d always had a huge fear of approaching, Johnny has helped me overcome that and then showed me a completely different side to social interaction which I genuinely thought only existed in films”. – Chris, Systems Analyst, London

Elite Seduction - Actionable Tools for Love, Seduction and Dating (Ebook Version)

Ebook Version

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