I worked one to one with Johnny and he made me feel comfortable straight away and I knew I could trust him. He listened to my sticking points without judgement and worked patiently with me until these were addressed.
After seeing Johnny in action for myself during the day and in the clubs, I knew he was the real deal and I could learn a lot from him. His level of game is world class!
Johnny’s charisma and cool character made working with him a lot of fun.

Apart from improving my game my main goal was to get my ex girlfriend back. I decided to work with Johnny after reading his guide on how to get your ex back. Johnny helped me through this process with his full support every step of the way. There were certainly some challenging moments, but once i explained these too Johnny he understood exactly what was going on and talked me through each step until my goal was achieved and I got my ex back.

Without Johnny’s help I know I would not have been able to achieve this and I can’t thank him enough.

Johnny stayed in contact after I worked with him which shows he genuinely cares about his students.

Wether you want your ex back or want to take your game to the next level, Johnny is the man to go to!

Richard, Accountant, Scotland

I sought out Johnny, because I came to a point in my life where I needed a change. I was 21 and I’ve been nervous and awkward around attractive women my whole life; I’ve had a few brief relationships but they all ended badly and I could never approach women in social occasions. In fact, I had severe doubts about whether if I could attract beautiful women at all. Writing this now, it is actually difficult for me to put myself back in my own shoes and see what my beliefs were 10 month ago because they have changed so much since then. I think the most important thing Johnny has done for me is not necessarily to have taught me how to approach, how to deal with certain situations and so on. But to have transformed my inner beliefs and allowed me to come to expect to meet beautiful women and know deeply that I am the kind of man that deserve the best.

Marcus, Private Equity, London

Johnny is a master psychologist. His understanding of women does not only come from typical PUA materials and his past infield experiences, but also through his vast knowledge gathered from NLP and other psychology-related publications. His infield coaching not only give students an edge in dealing with women, but also gives students a unique insight to many aspects of human behaviour. Johnny is prepared to train highly ambitious and intelligent men who want complete dominance in career, women and social ladder.


Justin, Computer Technology, London

Greatest experience of my life! My life has truly changed since attending this course. I thought I was good and then I met Johnny. That guy cleans house everywhere he goes and he told me that he used to be useless but he has been working at this for years. I am truly motivated and inspired by this course. I thought I was being clever by downloading books and reading them online for free but I realise now that I wasn’t. Now I see that it’s like claiming to be a doctor because you read an online article once but in reality you need to pay for courses, you need to train and it takes years.

Thank you very much

Yours Sincerely,

Matthew, Doctor, London

I’ve been coaching with Johnny for nearly a year now and the difference I can feel in myself over that time is considerable. I’d always had a huge fear of approaching, Johnny has helped me overcome that and then showed me a completely different side to social interaction which I genuinely thought only existed in films. I’ve had interactions with women which if someone had told me about a year ago, I would have thought that they were either lying to me, or that the story they were telling me ended in them getting a slap in the face. Instead they’ve ended in me getting a number and going home grinning ear to ear! To anyone who feels they’re in the position I was in a year ago (terrified of approaching and not knowing why relationships weren’t working out), I would highly recommend trying a dating coach like Johnny to challenge your fears and give you the confidence which is crucial for approaching and a successful relationship.

Chris, Systems Anaylist, London

Johnny is an awesome coach, I spent a whole day with him doing day game and really got in my head and heart that the key to being attractive with women is in respecting and valuing yourself and that you are a man of quality.

He helps you doing this by being a guy who takes care of himself, the way he talks, holds himself and socializes. For me this rubbed off and in both the day and night women were showing high indication of wanting to sleep with me there and then! Really powerful stuff.

At night time, the game is very different. It’s less about getting to know the woman and more about making yourself a man of high status. Go clubbing with him and see how he can turn you into a powerful guy who is life of the party and not some boring energy vampire getting wasted and having a boring night.

I went to a top high end club and was shown how to work the room and how to engage with women without looking like a sex pest and feeling great about myself.

After working the room I had two women hanging out with and wanting to be with me, I left with one of the girls and a fun memorable night. Thanks Johnny for your help, the coaching was cool.

Thanks again

Adam, Personal Trainer, London

Johnny came in August 2011 I found the coaching improved my game by 100%. Johnny took the time before we went out for night game to discuss what I wanted out of the coaching and also helped me gain confidence and also taught me to exclude any negative thoughts, which I thought was a good part of his coaching.

Once we started our night game, as soon as we arrived I could see how Johnny’s game was working and he did not let me sit back and watch. He pushed me all the way which improved my skills, he also gave me honest feedback and again made me think positive. His gaming skills are excellent during the night. I interacted with so many women learnt so many ways to improve my skills with and also closed and got two girls back to my house, I had the best experience and have gained so much useful information which is now helping me when out with friends. Johnny is also a good coach as he keeps in touch after the session, provides any assistance over the phone and emails me any information I need which I feel is great value for money. I would highly recommend Johnny as he can definitely teach you how to game, have more confidence and succeed with women. I have already booked another session with Johnny to come to Liverpool. Definitely a 5* rating

David, Financial Services, Liverpool UK

If I was to go away with a friend from this whole experience it would be Johnny. He is all man, and younger than me. This guy has got amazing game. My body language and voice tone wasn’t great but that quickly changed when I met him. I heavily observed how he came across and how he portrayed himself and I was quickly impressed. He has a strong frame and doesn’t even need to rely on his routines. He has fantastic conversation skills. Out of all the trainers it was Johnny who pushed me the most and set me the toughest challenges, but I did them none-the-less and it felt incredible. I did both day and night game with Johnny and I thoroughly enjoyed both because gaming with him was fun which is exactly how it should be. I number closed easily whilst with him and he really puts 100% when he is training. Whether the set was seated or standing it didn’t matter, to him his motto was to go in no matter what and leave them better then how you found them.
I consider myself to be very good with day game and I was very confident that there was not much they could teach me in the day. I even went as far as to say that I may be better than some of the trainers. But Johnny was a different case. He gave me spot-on advice set after set. I was number closing so many girls I forgot who any of them were by the end of the day. After every single set he would give me feedback and even video me in set and point out my mistakes and when I would break down the whole interaction he would tell me how he would have done it and flipped it around to get a more positive result.

He saw I was getting better and better and I had no anxiety, so he pushed my boundaries further and further. I saw it as a challenge and every time I approached and closed he was impressed and felt he really wanted to see how far he could go with me. Whilst day gaming in House of Frasier, he wanted me to go up to a very stunning manageress who was giving a team meeting and to tap her on the shoulder, bring her out the meeting and go direct on her.. My boundaries were pushed that day and I felt I was a different man. Set after set I broke down my barriers and limiting beliefs. I learned so much from Johnny – mainly night game, day game, phone game and some inner game aspects also. If you have any approach anxiety, then this is the man who has the remedy.

Aaron, Investment Banking, London

I was lucky enough to be one of the very first individuals to do a 12 hour 1-1 session with Johnny. Johnny is an amazing and skilled coach who is willing to push people beyond comfort zones to get results. The day involved spending time working through sticking points, lots of Q & A, constant practical work in field and lots of feedback. Day game was practiced for 6 hours in various locations before hitting a night club for
night game. I was constantly pushed beyond my comfort zone throughout the entire 12 hours which is exactly what I expected and signed up for. The 12 hours is custom tailored for people so they can address their own specific sticking points and issues. I was so happy that I was able to compromise locations with johnny so I was able to approach women who I consider my perfect 10, rather than being forced to approach women I don’t even find attractive. This is a unique part of the workshop, customizing the day so you choose the locations and type of girls you want to approach and get feedback on a personal and individual level. Johnny’s feedback was very concise and specific and covered verbal skills, body language, internal mind-frame and sexual/conversational escalation, not to mention text/phone game and comfort building. By the end of the day, I had near enough mastered conversational/attraction building skills, addressed personal sticking points, and even developed a unique technique for me personally to stop running out of things to say, a problem which most guys have. My day ended with masterful verbal escalation and attraction
building on a hired gun (my personal 10s), not to mention the number close, and vast improvement in set. I had several quality interactions
throughout the entire day. Johnny is a relentless teacher and will get you the result if you put the hard work in. He is dedicated to getting you
to achieve your personal goals with women whatever they are, and will push you/motivate you to get there. An unforgettable fun day. Thanks Johnny.

Cham, London

I had been meaning to get in touch with Johnny for a while after my friend referred me after taking one of his programmes, I was told he has a way with bitchy girls, and there is nothing more that I love than a feisty girl who loves to eat guys for breakfast. Once you know how to put them in their place…it’s one awesome feeling.

I met Johnny at Lancaster gate station, leaning against the ticket stand in a relaxed manner with a white fur coated winter hat, purely at ease and reading the paper. I immediately knew it was him from the website photos and his whole body language and demeanor stood out.

He introduced himself and gave me a strong handshake, accompanied by his deep voice. I knew from that specific moment, this guy meant business and he was definitely a man with strong frame.
We sat down and went through my sticking points and discussed how I could overcome them. He knew a technique for every sticking point and knew what to say in any situation. Here was someone who had gone out into the field, and learned to become fearless, bold and very successful. What was good is that he could break it down so well. His calm, laid back body language was something I learned from. He took his time was well composed as if he was in TOTAL control.

Johnny was always in a strong state of mind, who could repeat good interactions and motivate others. He’s not afraid of pregnant pauses whilst speaking and that is where the sexual tension is created, and he puts up a sly knowing smile that in that moment he owns her.

I did night game with Johnny and we went round to several bars in Shoreditch. He pushed me into two sets and he would wing me. He would lay back and just chill in the interactions as if they were so easy and the girl would be overly investing. He does tease them and starts to be playful and you can see the girl starting to get attracted.

If you have AA (like me) then Johnny is the man to meet as he pushes into some very difficult sets but you notice your AA blown right out of the water. The guy is totally awesome in set, and very inspiring to see him in action.

He looks after you well and also tells you how you should engineer your life after your meeting with him. How to get a wing, go out often and bounce her back to your place. He asks questions to get a feel for where you are now and what to do going forwards to be more successful with women.

He discussed his phone/text game, and broke down how it works. Something you should definitely ask him about especially if you get flakes. He knows exactly how to make them respond and react to you positively.

I had the benefit of doing day and night game with Johnny, and he was awesome in both. He truly was an all-rounder in-game.

I didn’t think there was much I could learn from him in day game, but he tweaked and refined my technique in more ways than one.

He watched from a distance when I was in set and gave me some constructive criticism. Everytime I had an interaction he would ask me how it went and once I gave him the breakdown of the dialogue he would always have a good answer to what I could have said and told me what openers to use and how my body language should be.

The more I approached in day game with him, the further he pushed my boundaries. We went into Oxford Circus Top Shop and I approached a good 5-7 sets, and it was definitely scary but he told me to be confident and it didn’t even matter if a girl I had just approached saw me approach another girl right after her. He gave me very inspirational and constructive feedback on each set. Back on the street I was number closing sets like it was a walk in the park. Once I had it all in my head I just let go and had fun. I closed an amazing french model who I’m still dating today.

But Johnny wouldn’t stop there, we went into John Lewis and Rackhams and approached the girl on the make-up/ perfume counter and that’s when the AA kicked in. Too direct approach them was tough, but Johnny was very confident it could be done.

The most beneficial thing I learned from Johnny is that you can approach any woman, any place no matter the circumstances. He pushed me out of my comfort zone and as a result I have become fearless when it comes to approaching. He’s inspired me to have core confidence, to not be outcome dependant and be totally outside your head. To always have a surge of positivity and dominance, and to leave them better than you found them.

He’s an awesome guy and a good friend, and you won’t be disappointed if you do a one on one with him. Brace yourself, you will be pushed, but you will definitely close.

Sunny, London