3 Tips for Valentines Day

February 9, 2013 - 2 minutes read

3 Tips for Valentines day

February the 14th is creeping up again and you haven’t got a date to celebrate it with.

Don’t beat yourself up over this one. I remember when I was just starting out at making this area of my life better and Valentines day was literally just around the corner. What did I do? Did I run around getting flowers, chocolates and cheesy rom com films, NO.

Instead me and my friend at the time who was also single decided to go against the grain. Sure, we could of done all that cheesy stuff and run around like a try hard to try and put a smile on one of our prospecting girlfriends faces but at the time that’s not what we had in mind.
What we did was a major break through. We had decided to get out of our local town and drive to the next neighboring one and completely push the boundaries. Why was this effective?

Check out a new environment

– At times we restrict ourselves from doing certain things because we are worried about how we are perceived by others. If you put yourself in an environment where you don’t know anyone then It can help you make the changes that you want to make.

Great opportunity to meet NEW single women

Valentines day is actually a great time to meet single girls at specially organised single events, Tip: check Facebook invites floating around in your inbox that you usually tend to ignore and just click attending then GO. I don’t know any club/ bar that wont capitalize on this date in the diary. So there should be no reason for you to be sat at home on your own this year. If you feel you’ve met a lot of the girls in your home town, then hopping to the next one only makes sense.


– Girls that are out on Valentines day ARE looking to meet single guys.


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