Alpha Guy Causing Problems? Get rid of him!

November 5, 2011 - 3 minutes read

alpha guy


Now right here is where if you have heard me talk about the benefits of networking with all the key people in clubs then you will know about the benefits of knowing the door staff / bouncers. This night was a good example…

Last night I noticed a group of lads in the corner of my eye. whilst I was talking to a friends friend of mine the guys over heard me mention the term ‘Pick up artist’. one of the guys didn’t hesitate to interrupt my conversation to ask if I was a ‘Pick up artist’. I said I was and he turned and laughed with his friends and said I was ‘peacocking’.

I told him yep that’s exactly what I am doing but on reflection… I wasn’t consciously ‘peacocking’ I just happened to be the best well dressed in the whole club.

I flipped it back on him and said “as are you, with your Christmas jumper and necklaces you won out of a cracker”

I thought this was necessary as the way that he delivered his whole you’re a pick up artist you are peacocking comment came across as he was

trying to hinder or amog me.

One of his mates piped up and asked if I wanted to go some. Admittedly this guy had a great muscular body on him, he looked quite intimidating. But still I was confident I could deal with him.

The guy is standing there all alpha telling me I’m going to get a smack… I kept my cool sent a tx to the event manager, out came the bouncers and took the guy away.

Not only did this prevent any scuffles but also conveyed a great deal of value to have that close connection with the club.

I wouldn’t normally get someone removed from a club, but you have to ask yourself are you going to enjoy the rest of the night constantly looking over your shoulder. Plus I didn’t quite fancy getting my outfit messed up.


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