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How to deal with you’re emotional reaction

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How to deal with you're emotional reaction

I’m a professional athlete and a personal friend of Johnny’s, we discussed me writing a blog along time ago on the merits of sports psychology. So here it is. What I am about to tell you now is the bases for so many life coaching theories and has coincidentally proven to be a powerful tool for athletes and business leaders alike. It isn’t a theory, its a medical fact. You don’t even need to follow a strict life changing regime or become super motivated everyday. Once you decide what you want just follow this process.

So many of the most successful athletes and business leaders understand how the brain works, they may not know that the biological processes going on but they have grown up to learn to use it in a very powerful way. We are taught this in sport and if you are reading this you may need to learn it like I did as well.

When we race and all you can feel is pain as your muscles scream for oxygen your brain is telling you to run away, ‘hold back’ or ‘stop’ what ever you are doing. You are reacting emotionally to the situation. This is a fight and flight mechanism left from our primal brain function. Its a quicker process designed for a natural world with life threatening situations. Sometimes it is very effective but it can also be just as ineffective.

It can give you courage to fight for your life but more often it causes you to run away from a situation, today this might mean you give your self excuses not to approach a group of women in a bar, or to ask the attractive women on the desk opposite to come for a drink with you. It can feel like doubt, nerves or plane fear that stops you making the first move. In these times of heightened excitement our brain stop thinking and act’s very quickly based on our emotion. This is where we need to step in and stop this process. We need to take a little extra time to think logically about these situation and make the moves we want, not what we feel.
Reacting logically and slowing down our thought process allows us to make the right decisions, to not hold back in a race, to be motivated to get down the gym or to approach the women and be successful in anything we set our minds to.

In this short blog for I will outline just one technique to cage your ‘Chimp’ as me and many of my colleagues in elite sport have come to call this primordial, emotional part of our brain. Firstly cage the beast! When ever you feel like you cant do something either by fear, self doubt or lack of motivation have an A grade response ready. These A grade responses are, quick responses that are not emotional but logical. For me when I felt I was nervous before racing I would say “You want to be here” a response that took away my fear of the situation by showing me I chose to be here. Again when I thought I couldn’t push any harder in racing I would say “Everyone hurts and now is when you beat others”.

So when you chimp comes out to stop you approaching a group in a bar, or to tell you to stay in bed a little longer slow things down and have an A grade response of your own ready and use it straight away. “I will look stupid if she rejects me in front of my friends” could be responded with “this is exactly why Im out tonight” or “I’m to tired I will start that peace of work tomorrow” with “Your not tired, I want this work done asap”. Practiced A grade responses that are customized to you can become second nature and are then very powerful tools for becoming a successful individual.
As a student of these techniques I can pass on what I have learnt in one to one lesson with you or in groups. The best way to learn is in real live scenarios as they happen and there is no better way to take a first step towards being more successful.

Andy D


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