Smooth State Breaking

June 21, 2011 - 6 minutes read

smooth state breaking

Smooth State Breaking :

Ok, what I’m going to break down right here is the 4 steps for smooth state breaking to implement in your game for you to successfully have same night success.

Club/Bar (meeting point)

Instant Date/ Bounce to different venue

Your house/ Her house

Up to the Bedroom


Club/Bar (meeting point)

Lets start from the top. You’re at the club and you’ve got the girl in isolation, you know she’s attracted to you. You’ve built comfort and have been escalating sexually, verbally and through kino. Now for this to work successfully what you’re going to have to do is a technique known as screening. Screening is where we embed certain topics within our conversation to elicit certain behaviours from somebody. So as this is a seduction technique we are going to start a sexual frame. Talking about sex in an open and non-judgemental way, talk about being a sexual person and being comfortable with her sexuality. Ultimately you want her to comply to the biggest compliance test so far after meeting you which is leaving the venue with you. So the second topic you want to talk about is her independence.

Eg- “Are you the type of girl who when something interesting is in front of you, (subtly point to yourself,  sending a message to her subconscious) do you go for it straight away…or do you wait for it to become more interesting?”

You can assess the situation from her answer then go on to another one later on in the conversation.

E.g-  “Are you the type of girl who can get through life making her own decisions or has to be influenced and guided by others?”

That one right there is a very powerful. You’ve screened her for independence. When you move on to bounce out of the venue she’s not going to go against her words because she would be contradicting herself. This is called qualifying. Always have a plan, if not just say  you’re going to this cool new place or cool cocktail bar/ late bar and she should tag along.

Instant Date/ Bounce Different venue

Now you’ve left the venue and you’re at some late bar with the girl, keep the mood fun and dip in and out of sexual escalation. In her head she wants to go back to yours, she’s just looking for plausible deniability. So you have to build the path, one I often suggest to my students is: “I need to eat, I’m going to cook some pasta, come on let’s go,”  now women are not stupid, they want sex just as much as you, they just don’t want to feel guilty about it. At this point she will feel a sigh of relief and comply with your second biggest compliance test of the night. Get a cab and get out of there !

Your House/ Her House (seduction point)

Hey! You’re at the seduction destination, now what I normally tell my students to do is leave all the downstairs lights off in my house and leave the bedroom lights set on a low dim so you can see the light almost guiding you the way. It’s almost like an indicator of  ‘Follow the light’. However, always offer them some water or any other form of drink available. Then whilst your giggling about in the kitchen trying to be quiet (because you’ll wake up the invisible dog) you can jump back into escalating again but then cut it off, build up the anticipation. Tell her to follow the light.

Up to the Bedroom

Always have your laptop or computer on so you can smoothly put on some down tempo tunes on to set the mood. Have her sit on the bed then create a playful reason why you’ve got to get close to her eg. you’ve seen something in her hair. Any reason to kino around her neck or behind her ears (erogenous zone) then whisper her to come closer. Begin kissing…

If you’ve got this far well done you have successfully followed the natural pattern that most guys consciously or unconsciously follow for same night success


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