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June 21, 2011 - 7 minutes read

Christmas cards from your local taxi firm, free entry and alcohol to the top clubs in London

Okay guys time for another post from me :). I have been getting emails from my students asking for tips to help develop their social circle.

I’ve come up with a few… here are some used in my own life:

  • Join a club e.g gym, pilates, yoga, dance club
  • Get in touch with old school friends
  • Get to know the KEY people on the scene (promotional staff, club owners, promoters, DJ’s, restaurant owner,  your taxi driver etc)
  • Make a friend over a stranger – game isn’t just about picking up chicks – it’s a way of life. Game men and women and add the qualities they possess  to your life

If you haven’t already done so I highly recommend that you find a club or become a member of something.  This can be something you’re interested in already or something where you can learn something new.  Last year I enrolled in a holistic massage course at a nearby college that I took part in once a week on a Wednesday evening…. now you can imagine it, I was one of three guys in a class of 30, split between two rooms. Think of all of those girls I met. Be the man who suggests the homework sessions once a week, the monthly meal at the really cool restaurant where you can each invite a friend.  You can see how this is expanding already and the perception of what people have of you.  People naturally start seeing you as the man with the plan, which shows leadership. This is an attraction switch. You get access to a lot more people as time goes on, as people start inviting friends and their friends and their friends etc.


Okay as time goes on you’re going to lose contact with school friends, college friends, uni friends and old work colleagues etc and I’m not just talking about every Tom, Dick and Harry in the class or office I’m talking about friends from your past that you seemed to click with and had formed more of a connection with than the others.  Lets face it – as time goes on our priorities change, so you shouldn’t take it too personally if your best friend at work or school  hasn’t been in touch for so many years.  The truth is they probably have been thinking that they should really get in touch but have just been preoccupied.  I do this a lot. I’ll look through my phone book and see who’s gone quiet or I haven’t heard from for a while and I’ll just call them. This feels really refreshing to get back in touch with a good friend.  Break this convention and pick up the phone TONIGHT and call someone you have become distant to due to situational circumstances. Bring back that friendship by casually suggesting to meet up for a drink and to catch up on lost time and from this point on regularly start seeing each other again. Find an interest that is mutual; sports, bike riding, paintball, gym. From this you can invite them to be part of other things you have going on in your life, for instance a party you’re hosting, a works social that you have organised and  merge your friends from different areas of your life together… see what’s happening here ;). You’re becoming the social guy. Soon when asked over the dinner table or in the club, “How do you know everyone?” it’s going to become common that YOU are the reason people know each other and YOU’RE the guy to know.

Christmas cards from your local taxi firm, free entry and alcohol to the top clubs in London.

Lets have a look at this then, if your more of a night gamer this ones for you!  Get to know the key people on the scene. I have a very healthy habit of gaming men… sounds dodgy?? NO…I’m talking about the Promoters, Dj’s, club owners, bar staff, bouncers, taxi drivers. I talk a lot about this on our boot camps and go into much more detail of actually how I do this. Those students that have attended our boot camps and residential courses will know exactly what I’m talking about. How I do this?… I can’t tell you, as I promised them I will keep it exclusive to them :)

Remember guys, game is a part of your life that you can turn on and off and another area we can use it other than picking up hot beautiful babes is befriending people with certain qualities you think that will enhance your life. Whether it be their great sense of adventure, their humour, their ability to comfort you, their outlook in life, their energy, they may possess a certain talent or just genuinely share the same interests as you. If you recognize this in anyone you meet in life it is best to keep hold of them and treasure them. Talk to everyone when you’re out and really get to know what makes them tick… you might find a friend in a stranger.

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