Do you want a girlfriend? Do you want to find that woman who understands you on every level? Who you can completely connect with you? Well in the following article I will share with you some key points that will help increase your chances of happens.

I’ve broken it down into simple steps and if you implement these correctly then you will have no trouble in finding and keeping the woman of your dreams.

Step 1.- Look deep inside

In order for you to be attracted and connect with the type of woman you want as a girlfriend you must first ask yourself some personal questions:

Am I ready to give a pure, unselfish love?

Am I willing to really commit to a relationship?

Women want to be appreciated for who they are, so in order to keep the attention of the women you want you have to give out a love/warmth that is coming from a positive and genuine place. You should have a genuine interest in who she is and what she’s all about. You should not commit to a relationship with a woman for the sake of covering up your own insecurities. And in many chases these insecurities will be projected as neediness and women will see you as slight desperate. They will be able to sense that you are in it for the wrong reasons and this will actually work to repel them. Many older women will pick up on this straight away. She may want to see you casually but she knows that you are the guy that can’t commit so things will never go that next level.

Step 2. Would you date you?

What women are really attracted to is a man that has a strong vision and believe in himself and his future. Is this you? Again, look deep inside yourself and ask: Do I have something to offer a woman? Do I have a vision for my life? Is my future bright? These are all valid questions that you need to ask yourself when trying to get a girlfriend!

Even if the answers to some of these questions are negative responses by addressing these issues and looking to improve your situation you are moving forward with your life. Therefore showing you do have a vision and do believe in yourself and your future, subsequently making women want to become your partner.

Step 3. – What do you really want?

Understanding the qualities you want in a woman goes back to step 2 and the idea of having a vision for your life. In this vision what is the woman like? Don’t just think about the physical features think about the qualities of her personality. It may even be useful to write these down. When dating women go into every date/interaction with the mind-set of: I want to find out about this woman, I want to explore her and see what she’s all about. So when you meet a woman that takes your eye ask yourself – Does she tick all the boxes in terms of what I’m looking for? I want to find out if she does. (This mind-set will help with approach anxiety and any nerves you may have).

Adaptive problems in getting a girlfriend

Something you always need to understand is that women are constantly testing and screening their partners or potential partners to see if they have the paternal traits for  the long run. They are testing you to see if you can handle the relationship’s ‘growing pains’.

Where it be financial security, social status, ambition, positive relationships with children, athletic ability, emotional stability, kindness, your values, bravery and masculinity these are just some of the key things women look for in a long term partner.

Now this all may sound a bit daunting, but lets get back to my point. “You’ve got to make yourself the 10 before you can get the 10”. Think about it… If you get really good at making impact with women and you are now in a position where you can pretty much just ‘reel them in’. Is it right to then use your ability to ignite the fire from both sides (emotionally) if you know you aren’t where you need to be in your life. If you cant look after yourself, how are you supposed to look after someone else. Get that sorted out first before you jump on the ‘serious’ relationship roller coaster.

Remember we are all a work in progress.

Summary for Finding a Girlfriend:

Wanting to get a girlfriend for the right reasons is key to her feeling secure and comfortable enough to commit to a relationship (Step 1). Working towards a vision for your life will show women that you are a man who knows what he wants, who’s hard working and can provide for them. This gives them the peace of mind that your future together will be prosperous (Step 2). And finally knowing what you want will ensure you find the girfriend you really want (Step 3).

The secret to getting a girlfriend is to set a strong foundation in your own life. Become a interesting, social, friendly guy who is moving forward and believe me women will want you to become their boyfriend.

Getting Help with Finding Your Dream Girlfiend

If you would like some more information on how to get a girlfriend and would like some personal advice then please contact specialist dating coach Johnny for more information.

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