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Johnny Cassell & Dr Mo Mobasseri: The Power Of Smiling – And How To Look After That Smile

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Johnny Cassell & Dr Mo Mobasseri - Cosmtic Dentist to the stars!


Hey listeners,

Today I have with me Dr. Mo Mobasseri, cosmetic dentist to the stars and Premier League and all-round great guy.

When I visited his practice on Wimpole Street, I didn’t feel like I needed dental work. I sat down, and seven fillings later, it became clear that my smile wasn’t everything I thought it would be.

Very few people like going to the dentist. But I genuinely like this guy and think he has great perspectives on the associations between smiling, feeling good, dental health, and bettering yourself.

Who is Dr. Mo Mobasseri?

Having studied dentistry in Germany in 2001, Dr. Mobasseri brought his talents to the UK – and we’ve been smiling better ever since.

From Invisalign to Six-Month Smile to pretty much every cutting edge cosmetic dental procedure you can think of, he’s got plenty of plaques on his wall but leaves none on his patients’ gums.

He’s an internationally renowned dental practitioner who is a proud member of the American Dental Association (ADA) and the German Dental Association (DZAEK).

Dr. Mobasseri also has a formidable reputation amongst TV personalities, celebrities, and footballers. So he distributes winning smiles in more ways than one;.

What you can learn from this episode

Smiling is important. People judge you on how you smile and portray confidence when they meet you. It’s the first thing people see when they look at your face, so investing in your smile can help you bolster yourself against insecurities.

Dental work has a stigma for being expensive and invasive, but that’s not the case anymore. If you feel insecurities about your smile, modern procedures are a lot gentler and more cost-effective than you might think.

Teeth might seem like a minor or inconsequential part of your image, but I bet you check the mirror most days and pick out imperfections, wishing they would magically vanish. The miracle obviously never arrives – but you don’t have to invest much to make it happen yourself.

I’m all about personal reinvention – good teeth and an impactful smile are part of the puzzle.

We also discuss:

  • Growing up in Germany and his journey into dentistry
  • The power of smiling and collaborating in good feeling
  • Why smiles are linked to attraction
  • Smiles and Hollywood influence
  • Ways to make a massive transformation within 2 weeks
  • Why teeth don’t need to be perfect – just make you feel great
  • Why dentists have tried to come away from using veneers
  • How braces are becoming more discreet and the ways orthodontic treatment has improved over time
  • The link between dental treatment and addressing insecurities
  • The hygiene reasons to have straight teeth
  • The personal power of effecting change in people’s lives
  • Why projecting happiness makes a huge impact on others
  • How it’s very possible to brush too hard and wear away the gums
  • The psychological power of tooth brushing – and why it can be a problem

We hope this episode gives you the smiles and motivation you need. Check out my YouTube for more positivity and growth.



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