If you live in London, it’s easy to feel very, very small. It’s such a vast, bustling city, filled with people looking to feel and live larger, that it’s easy to get lost. There are plenty of motivational courses online, but you may be thinking about attending a motivational course in London.

You may have been keeping up with my blog, and you’ll know that staying motivated on a daily basis is something I deem central to developing confidence. It’s where you get the self-discipline to improve, and the self-belief to enjoy life while you do it.

If we are used to uninspired surroundings, it can be hard to look beyond them for aspirational stimuli. As beings, we need ideals to which we can aspire. Without them, we rarely look beyond our often-stifling daily lives.

You could be one of the lucky people with a figure in their everyday lives, like a teacher or community leader, who exudes wisdom and inspiration wherever they go. It is more likely, however, that your truest moments of inspiration come in unforeseeable flashes, triggered by the most unlikely events.

I’m not taking anything away from those moments – they are truly powerful, and can go a long way in motivating an individual to achieve great things. However, we are at our best when we have the tools to self-motivate.

And those are often best equipped in the first instance by someone who has studied motivational techniques and knows how to use language to reach people.

My name’s Johnny Cassell. I have been giving motivational workshops and seminars for many years now. Sometimes they’re geared more towards people who are looking to enhance their dating life. Sometimes they’re geared towards people who want to beat social anxiety or improve their networking skills.

But they’re always geared towards people who want to be better.

Genuine happiness is not only about having the most money or the best job – those are just slices of life that should build to a satisfying whole.

I genuinely believe that everyone has the opportunity to be great – to master their craft and fill the world with positivity and goodness, all the while providing for themselves and the people they love.


Here are a few motivational techniques you should practice daily to keep yourself driven.

Create a vision board

Have a physical display on which you keep pictures of items you want. Keep it on the wall near where you work, create, build, or exercise at home.

A particular car, a scene from a location you want to visit or live, the ideal partner you envision for yourself – fill it with a few desirable items towards which you want to build. Motivation-wise, it can help to visualise what drives you.

Surround yourself with positive people.

If the people around you make you feel like shit, either deliberately or as a result of their actions (excessive, irresponsible partying, say, or criminal behaviour) you should be assessing why you spend time with them.

It’s hard to feel motivated if the people you spend time with are constantly dragging you down and making you feel terrible. Bring positive influences into your life. Be around people that inspire you and support you.

Constantly rack up small achievements.

Set yourself small but meaningful daily targets and smash them. They could be work-related, they could pertain to the number of women you speak to that day, or they could revolve around completing a particular amount of reps at the gym.

It doesn’t matter what the target actually is, just that you destroy it. That boost of confidence is what will get you motivated to reach the next target. It’s a great feeling, and the only way is up.

Jot down a to-do list and get the things done. That sense of completion is another fantastic motivator. You’d be surprised how few people actually get through a to-do list. Dealing with this also leaves you with time for the stuff you enjoy – another reason to be motivated.

Remember to celebrate your wins.

It’s easy to punish ourselves when we get a win, or play down our successes, but it’s really important to acknowledge your important milestones.

After all, if we don’t enjoy the feeling of achieving great things in our own lives, why set out on the journey to self-fulfilment in the first place? It’s so we can be happy, right?

So be happy. Go out to celebrate a promotion. Go for a nice meal with your partner or friends if you land a good deal. Maybe go on holiday somewhere particularly fancy to commemorate an excellent year of work.

Reward yourself. The cycle of hard work and reward is captivating and will only encourage you to work on yourself.

Sign up for a Motivational Course with Johnny Cassell

If you want to discover more about building a better you, pop along to one of my seminars or workshops. I also offer more in-depth courses and one-on-one tutoring.

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From our Students

He knows his psychology stuff, he’s systematic, well articulated, explains concepts from different angles, and will accompany you on your journey – with his coaching, I got my perfect 10 model / dream girl. Can’t thank him enough! And it’s a skill that stays with you for the rest of your life..

– Armi R

Johnny really is the real deal, his coaching literally changed my way of thinking and in essence my whole life, am now meeting more beautiful and fun women than i ever thought possible,An absolute legend.

– Ben W

His expertise and skills are fantastic and the way he customised his education to my needs and desires made sure that the skills were transferable. A few weeks later those skills helped me with meeting my

– Gavriel M

Johnny is the best dating coach in the world, I have been with many mentors and he by far is the best!
I struggled to talk to people in the street, Johnny demonstrated and I followed.
The result was outstanding!
since then I am with the girl of my dreams a 10!!!
And we are spending the year travelling to South East Asia.
I would have never been able to attract such a girl without Johnny helping me.
The investment is soooo worth it!


– Oli N

Johnny Cassell was pivotal in my decision to travel 5000 miles to establish a relationship I had completely misunderstood. His advice provided unfounded insight that I allowed my ego to overlook. Whether you are confident or not…this highly calm, collective and intelligent expert in dating can make you realise the answers to your relationship troubles. Consider him the best friend, confidante or muse in your life.

Thank you Mr Cassell!

– Asma H

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