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Dating advice for celebrities and individuals with a public profile

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Celebrities might seem to have it all, but navigating life with a public profile can be tough. Romance is one of the trickiest parts to get right, so I’ve put together the most helpful dating advice for people who often find themselves in the public eye.

Despite the often-massive gulf in wealth and lifestyle that often seems to accompany being famous, celebrities are humans too. That ‘removed’ status can be isolating and create a distance that leads to difficulties with relationships.

When more public people come to me (confidentially) about their difficulties, it’s not normally due to a shortage of options. Many celebrities are happy living a hedonistic lifestyle of sleeping around and making the most of their status – for a while.

However, almost all of them reach the conclusion at some point that they’d like a fulfilling, reciprocal, and authentic relationship to take forward into the future. They might always be one drunken night out from a scandal in Hello!, but they have aspirations and dreams like any of us. A heightened level of personal success shouldn’t deny them any of those.

In this article, I will break down the problems you might face as a celebrity when trying to find love and how to get around them.

The curse of celebrity when it comes to dating

The George Clooneys of this world have their own unique problems.

When you’re a celebrity, many people will try to sleep with you just to get you on their “CV” and gain bragging rights. If you want that, it’s absolutely fine. You worked hard to get to this position, and you’re fully entitled to celebrate your success however you wish.

With that being said, how do you go about qualifying a long-term partner when your sexual partners are only interested in your name?

As your profile increases, people will start to act differently around you and occupy the “fan” zone. It becomes increasingly difficult to form a realistic picture of an individual and decide whether you want to escalate to the next level.

Celebrities also have the power to give favours and leg-ups in the industry. They are used to people trying to get close for leverage. They will often have their guard up and create a deliberate distance in order to avoid being used.

People with profile should remember to show vulnerability from time to time and let people in. As long as you set your boundaries clearly, being open with potential long-term partners can help sort the inauthentic from the highly promising.

Compatibility is also important. Not many people live at the speed of a celebrity. People need to understand your lifestyle, which could involve an overwhelming amount of:

  • travel
  • promotion
  • sex scenes
  • public embarrassment
  • gossip
  • public opinion
  • sexual competition

Are you in a relationship in which the other person can weather these constants? For a celebrity, a partner needs to be robust and conscious of that dynamic. They at least need to be familiar with that world and ready to embrace it.

This doesn’t mean that celebs should only date other celebs, but people in relationships with them need to have a strong psychology and acceptance of the more demanding parts of the lifestyle.

As a dating coach, I have an elevated social status in a number of places and faced similar struggles in the past. It only takes one picture surfacing on social media to have a potential girlfriend running a mile.

If she sees me surrounded by beautiful women, she may very well feel threatened and unable to stomach the lifestyle that comes with my profession. If I’m out all the time, she might begin to get jealous or suspicious. Celebrities face this conundrum.

There is also a sad paradox in that striving for success at the level of celebrity can be incredibly lonely. It’s important to connect with people on a deeper level and avoid getting lost in work, however rewarding it can be.

Everyone deserves a chance to connect, no matter how public they might be.

To learn the finer details of mastering intimacy, no matter what your status, find out more about my 7-Day Program at

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