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How to date when you are a workaholic

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Workaholics tend to leave very little space in their life for their own needs. Where does dating fit into that? Can someone who works too much balance industry with intimacy?

I am a huge fan of hard work. It’s a central part of not only building confidence, but also the structure of your life itself. You spend a minimum of 8 hours a day at work, so you deserve to love every second.

However, when that 8 hours becomes 10, which then becomes leaving the office and taking work home with you, it starts to eat into time that should be spent getting invested into the parts of you that don’t earn you money.

Your fitness. Your peace of mind. Your sense of intrigue and wonder. Your family and love life. They’re all vital components of being human, and to ignore them is to deprive yourself of the chance to develop core self-esteem and a sense of joy.

Tips for dating when you are a workaholic

This article will give workaholics some tips on leaving space for dating.

  •    Sign up to a dating app:The easiest segue into dating life for workaholics is a dating site or app. Paid services mean a reduced risk of timewasters and a more bespoke experience, meaning you get a better return on investment. Tinder, Bumble, OKCupid, and are all popular platforms.
  •    Get in a date on a lunch break:If you’re simply window shopping with casual hangouts to work out who you want to spend more time with, meeting up for coffee for a quick date can be a great screener. Plus, you get to pull the classic: “Sorry, I’ve got to run to a meeting, but are you around tomorrow for dinner?”
  •    Schedule allotted time for dating:If you’re concerned that dating has taken a back seat in your life, schedule time to work on your profile or sift through options and block off everything else. The focus will satisfy your workaholic itch, but the dedication to your self-betterment will nourish other, neglected parts of you.
  •    Visit a dating coach:Dating coaches like myself are a fast-track through years of missed time. If you haven’t been able to get out and date much because you’ve had your nose to the grindstone, a dating coach can help you build yourself into a competitive prospect without much prior experience. Choose wisely; get in touch via the link at the bottom of the page. 😉
  •    Keep your work and dating life separate:An overreliance on your career can make it tempting to go for other people you work with when thinking about dating, just to keep everything closer to the office. Avoid it – looking for love within your office makes employment complicated and dating restricted. Segment the parts of your life so you can be completely present in each.
  •    Plan trips and stick to them:Relationships run smoothest when you have plans and events to which you both can look forward. Organise time away together and use it as both quality time together and respite from work. Set your out-of-office message on your email and let go for a little while.

Ask yourself why you work so much

The most important step towards bringing balance to yourself is asking about the value that work adds to your life. All people and activities in your life should add value.

You might be one of those lucky people, like myself, who gets to live out their passions on a daily basis. They might relish the chance to travel, or the impact their career has on the world, or simply the chance to create, have fun, and make money for it.

Clearly, this is an ideal situation. But it can be difficult to know where your job ends and your personal time starts. The downside of constantly working is that if you’re being paid money for something, you’re ultimately doing it for someone else’s benefit.

However much you enjoy your career, you have to know where to draw a line in the sand and apply the same passion to other parts of your life.

You might work so much in order to keep up with a demanding or draining job. Aspiring to greater professional heights is admirable, and you should always aim for bigger and better things – which obviously takes some hard graft from time to time.

However, if your career is draining your ability to be a friend, human, and general member of society, you have to start asking real questions about why you’re in your line of work.

Why is dating important?

Many people push dating to one side when they’re working all hours of the day, dismissing it as a needless drain on time and attention.

However, you’ve got to think about the future.

Perhaps you have a wife and kids on the brain – so you’ll want to learn how to qualify potential partners as thoroughly as possible. Maybe you want to play the field and taste a little more of independent life before you settle down – in which case you need to equip yourself with the skillset to make the most of it.

Dating is also fantastic for overall confidence and drive. It’s actually a small part of developing your overall social game. It’s a natural symptom of learning how to communicate properly and, more importantly, how to listen. And these skills will, ironically, help you in the world of business and networking.

Working hard is a necessity, but find a place for your passions, interests, and relationships.

Make the most of your time dating – get in touch about my 7-Day Programme today at

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