Millionaire matchmaker

October 16, 2018 - 4 minutes read

Millionaire matchmaker

Matching is an option for finding romantic happiness from which many people could benefit, but none more so than the highly affluent.

There are many avenues down which you can pursue the thrill of dating and eventually meet a person to whom you’re ready to commit long-term if that’s your goal.

Many people, however, unfairly dismiss matchmaking as a viable option.

Its association with religious traditions and archaic cultures is misleading, and matchmaking very much has a role to play in the world of modern dating – perhaps more so, now that the roulette wheel of dating apps has such prominence.

Amongst my clients, I have most often seen that people of high net worth, who tend to be low on time and successful on their own terms, stand to gain the most out of matchmaking.

Why is matchmaking perfect for millionaires? 

Time is money, and for millionaires, time is even more costly. Are you wasting too much of it on dates that go nowhere?

As a wealthy individual, it can sometimes be challenging to find a genuine, reciprocal relationship with that special someone, especially a person with a similar net worth and set of life experiences.

It might also be that a luxurious lifestyle does not always lend itself to meeting the person that is right for you.

Money can attract hangers-on and people who are not dating you for genuine reasons. It can also attract people with similar incomes who are with you for social status and superficial motives.

Your family name or potential worth should not be the primary attractor in a relationship. Who YOU are should be the primary focus in a relationship.

Money is a tool for enhancing your life and shouldn’t hold you back.

Why should you choose Johnny Cassell?

This is where I come in. The problem with most matchmaking services is that they consist almost entirely of women, and the imbalance between sexes makes the experience costly and unproductive.

My services draw from a vast pool of the myriad wealthy clients I have coached over the years.

The style of matchmaking I use is highly organic. The pool of clients from which I draw contains hundreds of eligible, affluent singletons looking for a connection. I use years of networking experience to build detailed profiles – and then I do the work for you.

Many websites pair you up using a detailed questionnaire and an algorithm. I give you that personal touch and focused, one-to-one training, coaching you into an exciting prospect before setting you up with someone who has received similarly thorough profiling and coaching.

This, alongside the detailed pairing process, will give you the best return on investment.

Your personal Matchmaker

When I’m your matchmaker, you can be certain that you are meeting someone with similar relationship goals.

I’m also an established and globally esteemed dating coach, so if any behaviours or patterns seem to be getting between you and a successful relationship, I will help to identify and work through these issues.

Save yourself the time and effort of cycling through meaningless dates and let the experts take the wheel.

Get in touch on the contact page, and let’s talk about how I can change your life today.