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Tantric Sex

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tantric sex

Its’s a Luscious day, the suns out and the skys are painted ocean blue, there’s just something sexual about the weather I can feel it. So today iv decided to post about tantric sex, here’s an introduction with some notes


Tantra means a written text. Not many tantric texts have been translated into english but you can consult the following books on ‘Sacred Sex’

The Kama Sutra
The Ananga Ranga
The Perfumed Garden
The Chinese Pillow book such as the T’ung Hsuan Tzu
The japanese Shunga (spring drawings)

The different forms of tantric are Hindu, Taoist, Arabic, Tibetan, Buddhist and modern Western traditions.

The Hindu aims of dharma, artha kama and kaivalya which bring about enlightenment. The Hindu approaach to sex is one of an unsuppressible urge which could be sublimated towards a spiritual end.

The Tibetan Buddist practices of raising kundalini energy – The serpent energy – to prolong intercourse. The role of the chakras play – the seven energy centres located throughout the body – in helping raise the kundalini energy.

The Taoist practices of how energy moves between the two partners in any sex act and how that energy – yin (female) and Yang(male) can be used to enhance sex and progress spirituality.

Arabic Sexual Practices as an example of gods sacred work and something to be enjoyed as a celebration, a gift.

Japanese tantric practices whch include shinto practices of erotic sex and foreplay. The joyous nature of shinto where nothing is regarded as ‘sin’

The Energy of Sex is how we exchange energy with our partner, the necessity of a loving and stable relationship. picking up on our partners mood, the residue energy of previous sexual encounters we carry with us.

Male sexuality and the tantric approach of the non-ejaculatory orgasm for men.

Divine energy and how having sex can provide an exchange of divine energy and a spiritual act of worship.

Our sexual Inheritance – what we have bought with us from our culture, our upbringing, our parents, our society and how this can repress us, inhibit us to make us sexually reserved. The need for sexual freedom.

How to learn to love ourselves before we can love others.

‘Before loving another, you have to be able to love yourself’

‘Tantric Sex is about the energy generated by and during sex’

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