The Benefits of Tantric Sex

June 21, 2011 - 2 minutes read

Hey guys, in the first post   What is Tantric sex you learn about the different forms of  Tantric sex and get a general understanding of the basic principles. Here I have listed the benefits it can have by incorporating it in your relationships you have with women. Enjoy.

The Benefits of Tantric Sex:

Being sure of our motives, being committed; enthusiasm, motivation

Openness, honesty, thoughtfulness, sensitivity, consideration, respect

Better Sex – investing time and effort in becoming better lovers, learning better techniques, practising tantric practices

Enhanced Spirituality – a direct experience of one’s inner spirituality, the subtle energy, Taoist and Hindu texts

Tranquility – putting our lives into perspective, the focus of the energy

Freedom from being orgasm driven – the bliss of the physical orgasms, a means to an end, the experience of the mystical

The pleasure principle – other means of achieving the same result, sharing the experience with your partner, passion

Being a better lover – bringing our partner to new heights of pleasure, making the experience last longer

Being more considerate – growing consideration for our partner, opening our heart, mind and soul, caring for others, warmth and care

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