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The Practice of Tantric Sex & Practical Assignment 1

Today I’m giving you an understanding of the practice of tantric sex as well as the first of many practical assignments for you to go and try. Remember guys keep an open mind when reading this stuff  its a complete different approach from how sex has become so westernized and goal orientated. When practiced this stuff is really fulfilling and can take your sex life to completely new levels.

Enjoy P.

The Practice of Tantric Sex

Keeping an open mind and approaching the practical assignments with enthusiasm.

Arousal – The importance of excitement and arousal in tantric sex, not approaching tantric sex in a cold or analytical manor

Foreplay – The importance of arousal, excitement and stimulation in good foreplay for tantric sex

Orgasm – Men shouldn’t get hung up on the non–ejaculating orgasm

Mutual Pleasuring – Knowing your partner well, knowing your own physical responses, knowing how to give pleasure

Lovemaking Positions – not as hard as you thought, easy once tried

Bliss and spirituality – finding a real experience of ones own spirituality without having to rely on anyone else’s opinion or beliefs.

Practical Assignment  1

Being Comfortable With Our Body

Stand naked in front of a mirror. Look objectively at yourself and hear what goes on in your head.

Personal Objective
What you see is unimportant – it is only a container – but what you say to yourself is the revealing information. Are you OK about standing there in the nude? Do you feel free and liberated? Or guilty and shy? Only you can know what goes on in your head about your sexuality.
That’s what we’ve got to get rid of – all that stuff. And it’s no good blaming anyone else: ‘Oh my mother made me feel this way about sex’ ; ‘if it hadn’t been for my first bad sexual encounter i’d be much more relaxed’ ; ‘I’ve been hurt so many times i just can’t trust anymore’; when you stand naked in front of that mirror none of those people will be there.

Changing Ourselves
That’s why it’s good blaming them they’re not there anymore – it’s just you, your sexuality and that energy. Only you can change it. Even if you managed to get all the people responsible for the way you feel about sex together and you could accuse them, blame them and harangue them, it wouldn’t do you a lot of good – because only you can change what goes on inside your head. Only you. And the first change you can make is acceptance. What you see is what you get – what your lover gets – and they love you just as you are. Stand and look and be proud. What you see, believe it or not, is a perfect human being. You are exactly as your creator wanted you to be. How can you dare argue with your creator? According to the tantric practitioners what you see is a perfect representation of that energy, that divinity in a human form. Isn’t it fabulous?

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