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4 body language signs that she’s ready to kiss

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A pretty hefty percentage of the guys who book to come on my courses say that part of their difficulties with women stem from not knowing when to go in for the kiss.

Some women may well tell you in words. Most, however, are going to convey that they are ready to kiss you using subtle body language. I’m going to give you some insight today into the giveaway signs that will let you know she is going to be happy to lock lips.

Be sure, in all of these, not to get too over-analytical in the moment. That first time you kiss a girl is truly intimate and exciting, and you should allow yourself to get swept up in the thrill.

Here are the four key giveaways that suggest that it’s on.

Holding extended eye contact

Eye contact is a powerful communicator, and holding her gaze for an extended period can add tension and anticipation to that pre-kiss atmosphere.

However, if she’s consistently holding eye contact with you, it means that she’s testing your confidence. Eye contact makes you vulnerable.

It’s also a sign of curiosity and that’s she’s engaged with what you’re saying. While there are stronger signs to confirm that she’s looking forward to kissing you, if she’s making eye contact, you’re on the right track.

She’s been complimenting you a lot

Most of the items on this list should be recognisable – it’s mostly advice I give throughout the blog that you ought to include in your flirting process with women.

Compliments are a key part of flirting and if a girl sounds super impressed with the information you’re giving her, or is complimenting you on how you look or dress, she’s using your own playbook against you.

Throw some compliments back her way – detailed ones, not a “you look nice” but an “I love the way your dress hangs from your shoulders. It’s really elegant.” This should meet her at her level and show that you’re ready to escalate the encounter to the next level.

She responds well to touch

There is a plethora of subtle, sexy ways to test her complicity early on. If she says something funny, stroke the back of her arm as you laugh. If she strokes your forearm as you do it, you’ve formed a physical bond.

Even how quickly she draws back from a simple high five can give you an indication of whether she is into you. Body language is a dialogue, and if she’s giving you clues that she is comfortable with your touch, it’s a sure sign that she  has other things in mind.

Being reciprocal to physical advances is a clear way to communicate desire.

You catch her looking at your lips

This is what’s known as triangulating the gaze. I often tell my clients to do the same thing when setting up the atmosphere for a kiss. It’s a great way to demonstrate intent and psychologically connect your lips and your eye contact in her mind.

If she’s looking at your lips, it means they’re on her mind. It should actually be the last sign you get before making the move – it’s a surefire sign that she wants to kiss you, and soon.

Ultimately, every situation is different – that’s what makes meeting women so exciting. If you’re leading the interaction, rather than waiting to see what she’s thinking, then you have control over the flow of events and can more easily get to the point where kissing is on the cards.

You should always be assumptive – assume that she wants to kiss you. If she’s not ready, she’ll tell you.



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