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Dating In London

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dating in london

A first date is always eagerly anticipated by both people, here are a few tips on how to secure a second date.


Before you even open your mouth


It may sound obvious but the preparation for a date is incredibly important, especially if it is a first date, as this is the impression you are going to leave and will essentially be the deal breaker as to whether a relationship will continue.

A man should always follow a regime when getting ready. Not in a feminine way but so that he is able to start the evening off knowing that everything is done, you should create a check list if you are of the forgetful type so that you don’t miss anything out, if you do it could make you feel insecure and this is not what you want when you are first meeting someone – also you don’t want to slack at this point because appearance is initially crucial and if you don’t feel good about yourself then how is she supposed to feel good about you.


Aftershave is good to wear but be careful on the cheaper brands, they are very overpowering  if applied too heavily. Lynx Africa is of course out of the question, I think that even if someone great looking was wearing it, the attraction would be gone if I was hit with that smell! It’s not essential to go and buy some extortionately priced brand, but remember that less is more in application of frgrance.  Suggestions I would make are for over 35 – Hermes T’erre de hermes. 20 – 30 Viktor Woolf – Spice Bomb, BLGARI – MAN. All of these are around £70 but you want to smell expensive and these will last you 4-6 months each which is a good investment.


Style of clothing is of course important as well. You should always dress in something you like but try and push out of your comfort zone, if you normally wear jeans maybe a daring pair of coloured chinos although if you are of a bigger build then opt for darker colours as this has a more slimming effect than brighter colours. A shirt is always preferable rather then a t-shirt. You do want to look as though you have made an effort. I would also say that it’s always good to opt for something simple and stylish as opposed to something too extravagant or too casual.


What to do when suggesting a date


on asking a girl on a date you should always be the one to suggest somewhere the first few times, it doesn’t have to be ridiculously over priced. Whatever is within your budget but you need to be the one in control, I have lost count over the times friends have complained to me when they are the ones deciding on where the date will be. Maybe after the second or third date you should suggest for the girl to decide on somewhere for you both to go, by her agreeing to this you know that she is taking it as seriously as you, as she is putting in the effort to find somewhere she think you will like.


Once you are on the date you should really be the one to offer a drink. I know we live in a modern age where women and men are now considered to be of a similar stature but still I know for a fact women prefer not to have to be the one forking out and find it very unattractive. A friend recently told me that she went on a date with someone and politely offered to contribute, the guy accepted and she ended up buying both drinks and was resentful after this. Of course there was no second date. Do not ever fall for that one!

Saying this I do not mean to rinse your budget on this girl, one or two drinks maximum, at this point you still don’t know whether she deserves more than this  she hasn’t clarified herself to you.  Also I do not think that the drinks rule applies after the first couple of dates, I think it becomes more even keeled buying each other things. If the girl is the one who always thinks you should pay it just spells out gold digger. Or she’s on the doll – you don’t want either of these things.


Dinner is unnecessary on a first date, drinks are always the best option to go for. You don’t want something over bearing which is what it could be, this way you have control over time when its this type of situation as opposed to a sit down dinner


Towards the end of the evening be the one to finish the date as it makes you come across as more endearing – she will assume that you have other things to do rather then spend the whole evening with her, even if you like her you want to make yourself seem as desirable as possible.


Wait until the next day and send her a simple text. ‘’I really enjoyed last night’’ chances are she did too and again you are the one leaving her in control with starting the conversation up between you again.


Want to master your dating skills? More dating in london tips?contact us directly: [email protected] and find out how we can help you

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