How to find a girlfriend

October 20, 2012 - 3 minutes read

How do I find a girlfriend

One thing I ask my students is; “WHERE do you spend your free time?”

Think about the what  makes up your perfect 10, everyone’s 10 is different. Think about what she’s into and what sort of venues she would spend her free time in.

I get tons of guys telling me they can’t find their perfect 10 and it’s simply because of this reason. Be more careful of how you spend your time and who with. Be more selective of where you go.

Don’t be lazy and get into a routine of going to cock-heavy venues because it’s ‘convenient’ and all your friends like to go there. It may be ok for them but it’s certainly not ok for you.

Again, VALUE your time and everything you do with it. Always look to get a return on your time in one way or another. Next time you go to one of these ‘convenient’ cock heavy-venues I want you to review the night and ask yourself “What did I get out of tonight? Am I any closer to finding myself a girlfriend?”

I’ve met every girl in my local town

If that over the years you feel you have met all the girls within your local town then spend your time in another one. You know that there is no women locally so why continue to invest time there? GO to a neighbouring town and get your game on.

Know what you are looking for

Many a time do I ask my clients “What’s your type?” their response is always more or less something like “Hot”.

If this sounds like you, then we need to get back to the drawing board. Of course it’s ok to want a hot girlfriend, but what else? what else is there beyond the wrapping paper? Do you know of the qualities that make up this ‘hot’ girlfriend. After all, looks are going to fade….`

In my workshops we spend a good amount of time working on this and for most men it can be the most difficult part of the day. Simply because it’s not really something they have ever thought about.

Spend some time on this and try to work out what is the make up of that person who is going to ADD to your life rather than take away.


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