How to Get a Girl’s Number

April 22, 2015 - 4 minutes read

Get a girl's number



Hi guys, it’s Johnny Cassell. Welcome back to my blog.

So, we had a workshop last night and the topic we were talking about is what to say to actually get the girl’s number. The issue arose about what to do if the girl is on her phone, texting. It brought me back to a time when I was teaching a guy on our seven day immersion programme.

I said to the guy, “I know she’s on her phone but this is what I want you to say. I want you to go over there and ask her if she’s texting her boyfriend. Whatever her response, just look at your phone and say, ‘well that’s odd, because I haven’t had anything come through yet’ – with a cheeky little smile on your face.”

So you’re instantly bridging comfort and a bringing a bit of humour into the interaction. And you just go for the number there. Because a lot of time girls say they have boyfriends when it’s not actually true. So that’s one number close tip that we shared yesterday.

Here’s another really good one, which a student brought up.

“I’ve got a friend who’s studying numerology at the moment. You know what numerology is, right?”

And she goes, “What is it?”

“It’s the study of numbers. Well, actually, now that we’re on the subject of numbers, what does your number start with? Is it 07 or 075?”
And then she just ends up giving you the rest of her number. And you’re just standing there with a cheeky smile on your face.

These fun, little, clever ways of getting her number are much better than the usual, “Can I have your number?” or “What’s your number?” It breaks the pattern of what she’s usually expecting, and it will be an interaction she will remember.

I’m really excited about the content we’re sharing. Hopefully I’ll see you soon, we have an Impactful Connection workshop at the end of every month, and we’d like to help you out. Look forward to seeing you guys soon. Take care.


  1. A B C – Always be closing
  2. Understand it’s more weird if you don’t go for the number after a great interaction than actually going for the number.
  3. If she say’s no, keep the conversation going and go for it again! Even if it means running back into the interaction and opening it once more. 9/10 times you will get the number doing this.
  4. Always have your phone at hand to avoid any clumsiness searching through your pockets.
  5. If she asks for your number, take her phone, write it in and call it so you have hers.
  6. Facebook or email is considered a soft close and should only be acceptable in unique circumstances.
  7. Always stay for 2 minutes after getting the number to avoid a ‘buyers remorse’ type feeling from her.
  8. Never ‘ask’ for the number. Instead, ‘instruct’. Eg, “put your number in there” etc.


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