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The TRUTH About Free Online Dating

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What we’re talking about today is the subject of free online dating.

When I did my market research, I found out that free online dating was one of the most common monthly searches in google.

It says a lot about the person typing it in behind the keyboard. And it says a lot about why the person typing it in is still single:

  1. You’re cheap
  2. And you’re lazy.

You’re looking for a quick fix and a quick solution. You’re not actually prepared to do anything about it.

If you are looking for a solution online, you still need to invest in your dating skills, as the relationship you have online will eventually need to come offline.

And if you’re going to use online dating, use a paid service. The reason for this is to act as a filter system.

If you look at these online dating sites, there’s no actual qualification to move forward, there’s no initial commitment. So if there’s no commitment when going on to the site, there’s no commitment to coming off the site.

And that’s why people using these sites get frustrated because the people there talking to on these sites aren’t willing to take it seriously.

To conclude; Facebook is free, Tinder is free. You get my permission to use them. I’ve heard success stories from people using them to further relationships. But I would advise you to stay away from specific websites that are classed as free online dating websites as you’re not getting a good return on your time.


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