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How to Meet Models – 3 Tips

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Hi guys, welcome back to my blog. This time I’m going to tell you how to meet and interact with models.


Tip one: Location, location, location

Now, the first thing we need to consider is the environment we align ourselves with.

We need to put ourselves in that girl’s head.

Where is she going to be? What events is she attending? What kind of people will she choose to be around?

It’s very likely that you’ll find these girls at a fashion event. It’s very likely that you’ll find these girls at an exhibit, or perhaps a beauty pageant.

Tip two: Be around the right people

The next rule is to get closer by association.

Now, think; what sort of people are associated with models? I would suggest she has friends in photography, fashion, and the nightlife industry.

The more you position yourself in these industries, the more your likelihood of meeting models will increase dramatically.


Tip three: Deliver impacting compliments

Know how to talk to these girls!

They are sold by their face value. When it comes to complimenting them, use detailed compliments but not necessarily about their physical features. If she’s a model, of course she knows she’s attractive, she probably hears it every day.

What you want to do is make it about their character traits. What you’re doing here is breaking the status quo, making more of an impacting connection by talking to them in ways they wouldn’t usually be talked to.


Okay guys, so there’s three things to remember. Align yourself with the right environments, make sure you get associated with the right kind of people, and use compliments that break the status quo.

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