How to Make Yourself Completely Irresistible to Women

March 13, 2018 - 8 minutes read

how to make yourself irresistable to women


Greetings to all site regulars and newcomers,

It’s been my job for a long time to help men become irresistible to women, and I’m going to share a few of my favourite tips today.

I’m not just talking “good-looking” or “attractive.” I’m talking about developing that “woman cannot bear to leave the bar without you” kind of appeal.

Let me help you discover what that actually entails.

What makes a man irresistible?

The art of manliness, for women, is not about how much weight you can bench press or how many engines you can repair in the space of an hour. Although either can help add to your appeal, both can be a hindrance if you over-rely on those traits.

Truly attractive manliness is about having a well-balanced life and personality as well as being socially skilled. It’s about being the man in the room that introduces people to others and clearly lives to be social.

It’s about knowing who you are and what you want, and embodying both of those things at your core, so that you carry them with you in how you walk and act.

How to be irresistible to women

Here are a few tips on how to be irresistible.

Have a unique identity

Attractive women are hit on constantly. Ninety percent of the guys to whom they give the cold shoulder all act exactly the same – they’re testosterone-fuelled, Jack-the-Lad idiots, for the most part.

By being a genuinely individual person and carving out a personality and identity that set you apart from the norm, you stand to make yourself the most sought-after man in the room.

Be different. Break the pattern of what women have become used to. This doesn’t mean going full pelt in the opposite direction and becoming wacky and eccentric.

To make a truly impactful connection, you need to take some time to work out what makes you unique and emphasise it through conversation and how you present yourself.

Being socially proofed.

Knowing the organisers of an event, the bar staff, the acts performing, or just a large number of people in the room makes you socially desirable.

Be sure to befriend and chat with the key influencers at the beginning of the night. If I know I’ll be attending a venue that night, I sometimes even scope it out during the day and introduce myself to management.

Women will see that you’re successful and special if you make an effort to know the right people.

Core confidence

Be sure of your ability to get a woman.

Knowing this can help you build tension at the crucial moments because you know that you can attract any woman you like.

Generating an internal monologue that confirms this will carry over into conversation and encourage her to submit to your charm and forthrightness. She puts up barriers to test you and make sure you’re man enough.

Being irresistible is about overcoming these barriers with core confidence.

A woman doesn’t want to feel like she’s leading. It’s a highly masculine trait to lead an encounter, and your core confidence is what will take you to the level at which you can convincingly do so.

Appear pre-selected

If you are constantly talking to women and surrounded by beautiful, intelligent ladies, other women are going to wonder what’s so special about you. That’s going to spark intrigue.

The act of talking to a range of other women will make you irresistible.

This is known as being ‘pre-selected’ – appearing to others as if high-calibre women are already interested and you have the pick of the bunch.

On a more general level, make sure pictures of you with attractive women appear on your various social media feeds. Not to the point that it feels as if you are forcing it, but just enough to convince other women that a range of desirable ladies hangs out with you.

Nothing is sexier to a woman than the idea of competition.

Don’t be full of shit

Plenty of men are complete windbags.

The hard part about talking yourself up or acting like you’re The Man is being everything you say you are.

Honesty is sexy. Women are walking bullshit detectors, and they are experts at connecting the incongruities and falsehoods that make up ninety percent of the men that approach them.

If the real deal comes up to them and starts a conversation, they’ll know. And they’ll want to associate themselves with him.

Present yourself well

This is linked to building an identity.

For example, I have kept the same style of facial hair for four years. As soon as I changed to a beard in the style of Errol Flynn and started busting out the turtleneck jumpers, I got so much attention.

You have to retain contact with your unique identity, and making sure you are well-groomed and stylish is a great way to achieve this.

Look after yourself physically

It’s not just the physical aspect of having a great body that’s attractive, although that certainly doesn’t hurt your chances and is a great thing to aim for.

The feeling of working on the physical aspect of yourself and being at your peak is what makes this form of self-investment sexy. The ideal body is an endgame. But you can reap real benefits while you work on it.

The real secret as to how to make yourself irresistible to a girl…

These are pretty elementary steps, in truth. It’s dedicating and pushing yourself that need concentration and focus.

To take the next step in building your irresistibility, discover my 7-Day Courses at

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