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How To Pull On Holiday

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how to pull on hoilday

Top Tips to pull on holiday

I’m going to focus on Ibiza for this piece because few places epitomise sex on vacation like The Island. These tips apply anywhere there is sun, sea, epic clubs, and hot women.

You’re going on holiday for a few days’ respite from the drudgeries of everyday life and a tan top-up, but if you’re going to Ibiza, you’re probably young, ready to fill yourself with exotic beverages and land yourself some holiday sex.

There are some things you cannot forget from your normal approach, but there are added elements that you cannot ignore if you are looking at getting laid.

You don’t have the normal quest for things to talk about with a girl and places to make an approach.

Like Magaluf, Zante and many other places, girls in Ibiza also have a limitless array of men to choose from. You are never short of competitors when it comes to holiday romance, and you have a short time in which to convince a lot of women that sex on the beach with you is going to be worth her time.





Invest in your image

You’re looking for sex holidays, and want to land a gorgeous Ibiza nudist volleyball champion. You’re likely going to be topless around her, and you’re going to have to feel confident being so

It’s often said that a beach body is how to get girls. It’s not everything, but it is important to have a body that you can feel relaxed and confident about baring during a flirty conversation.

If you’re a self-confident larger man, then do whatever works for you, but being in the shape you want before you go will help no end.

Looks aren’t everything, of course. You can still land yourself Ibiza sex (or anywhere sex, for that matter) with a strong, reactive conversation, and by being outgoing and smart about the way you come across.

If the strengths of your approach are more in the talking to girls than your looks, at least focus on your wardrobe and body to the point that you can showcase your amazing social engineering skills with minimal self-consciousness.

Talk to as many girls as possible

The wonderful thing about the pursuit of sex on the beach is that you may never see any of these people again. Which means you get to be as gregarious and outrageous as you’ve ever been.

The key thing is to have fun. You are likely there with other people you know, so try to set up games with everyone – bring girls into a game of water volleyball, or push them into the pool.

You will never run out of women to talk to. Set yourself little games, like high-fiving everyone in the room, or having your friends take a shot for every girl you talk to. Push yourself more than you ever have.

What to talk about with a girl in Ibiza is easy – you’re not in their natural setting. Find out where they’re from, what they do, whether they only like the kind of music in the club/bar you’re at. There will be girls from so many different places that this variety will pick the topic for you.

Time your approaches well

Girls may not want to be bothered while they’re tanning away their hangovers the morning after a big night, so how to approach a girl during the daytime is general friendliness and rapport building.

Unless you’re getting obvious feedback from a girl, use the daytime to make arrangements for the evening festivities.

Women are on holiday just to chill out too. If you see a girl reading, maybe note the title when she goes to the bar or goes for a swim and ask about her book. Her personality doesn’t switch off when she’s in a bikini. Find out what she likes and explore it.

Of course, come the night time it’s about dancing and getting close and how to talk is a little less important than it was six hours ago. Laying a successful groundwork during the day is crucial to sealing the deal later on.

Be extremely proactive and change scenery

The great thing about venturing to talk to girls on holiday is that you’re both exploring somewhere new. If you’ve been there before, you get to take the lead in recommending new places. If not, get her to make recommendations and arrange to meet her there.

Either way, anywhere you go to hang out or eat or dance will be a fresh experience so make the most of it. Karaoke is always fun to suggest, especially going out as a group of you. It opens everyone and allows for mock duets and physicality.

At the end of the night, finding somewhere secluded is key. With luck, you’ll be near a beach. Use it to bolster your confidence. If you’ve been dancing and hanging out all day and you’re alone on a beach, she is on some level expecting you to at least attempt a kiss.

Start slow, let her come some of the way in, and it’ll be a great, memorable moment.

Amp up the physicality

If you know how to make a woman want you, holiday romances set up the kind of environment that easily enables closing in one day. First, get physically comfortable outside, kiss long and slow, and keep your hands at the base of her back.

Kiss her neck and ears. Neither of you will be wearing a great deal as it is, so you’ll be able to brush against her skin and increase the sexual tension.

You’ll also have a hotel room, making an invitation back easy. If you’re on holiday expecting to bring someone back, have drinks in the fridge, and perhaps look at investing in a nicer room that offers some privacy.

As long as you are having fun, and throwing yourself into every second of your holiday, you should get to this stage easily.

It’s also easy to get into bed with the wrong woman. Keep stocked up on condoms and respect the boundaries of extremely drunk girls. You will encounter plenty.

Avoid getting attached

Ibiza is a fantastic proving ground for approaching women, and even if you meet a girl you like, how to get any girl to like you is by talking to other women. If she sees you talking to everyone, then you will be the one she thinks about when she goes home.

If you still have her number, call her and arrange to meet up.

Holiday flings are a sure-fire, short term investment. If you put in enough time and energy, you’re more likely than usual to score. But it’s unlikely to come to anything substantial, and many people are there on the same quest as you.

Over all else, have fun and make new connections.

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