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7 Powerful Ways You Can Use Eye Contact During Attraction

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eye contact and attraction

Use Eye Contact During Attraction

You’ll read this sentence scattered throughout the many articles on this blog because it’s true: the conversation starts before you open your mouth.

A huge part of conveying confidence is in the eye contact. You’ll often be told to make eye contact in a job interview, as it adds a huge amount of credence to anything you say. If someone lies to you while looking you in the eye, it’s a bigger deal than if they’re not.

When someone threatens you, and they’re staring into your eyes the whole time, it’s a far more direct challenge.

Eye contact plays a huge role in attraction. You’ll often know you can approach a girl just because of the way she has made eye contact.

You can communicate everything with your eyes, and it will make the conversation so much smoother after you approach.

Show you want her
Check if she wants you
Project confidence
Smile with your eyes
Appreciate what you’re seeing
Eye contact before kissing
The look of love

Show you want her

You know how she’ll know you want her? You’ll be looking at her.

What does eye contact mean to a guy? If you lock eyes with a woman, she’s noticed you wanting her. Girls have a variety of ways to show interest, but if a guy’s looking over at a girl, he’s interested.

Eye contact = attraction. You have to know how to use it.

You need to ration the amount of time you spend looking at her and lead her into demanding your full attention.

Keep your eyes to yourself and the rest of the room about half the time, and look over at her for half the time. And trust me, she will know you are looking at her. Girls have radar for that.

After you’ve drawn her into the conversation, gradually scale up the amount of eye contact you give her. The attention is the reward for her time investment in you.

Check if she wants you

The narrative in your head should be saying that she wants you. But does eye contact mean attraction?

She will be very expressive when you two have locked eyes, and you’ll have a few seconds to gauge how she feels about you.

If a girl looks down after eye contact, she is likely interested just a little bashful. Maintain eye contact and see if she looks back up, but be smiling in a more approachable way this time.

If she catches your eye, looks away and then quickly comes back to meet your gaze real rapidly, she’s into you. The same applies if she holds eye contact for a long time.

Project confidence

Keep your gaze focused and steady, and don’t let your vision bounce around the room like you’re trying to look at anything but the girl you like.

Eyes are called the window to the soul for a reason, and there is a genuine shared moment when a girl is looking into your eyes.

As I mentioned in the opener, eye contact intensifies everything because it leaves you exposed. Maintaining eye contact despite this exposure is a definite sign of deep-rooted confidence.

I used to play “eye contact chicken” with people I passed in the street to see who would be the first one to break. I didn’t always win, but it did wonders for my confidence.

This is something I brought straight across to the teachings I pass on to my clients.

However you’re looking at a girl, make sure you’re doing it in a way that lets her know you’re comfortable doing so.

Smile with your eyes

She wants a fun guy, not someone who is going to leer at her from across the room. Eye contact is one thing, but you have to do it in a way that makes you inviting and warm. Even a smile is useless if you’re dead behind the eyes.

Watch a YouTube clip that makes you laugh, and then look in the mirror. The eyes you’re doing there are your “smiling eyes” – learn them. This is how you’re going to look across the room at girls.

Remember, the steady gaze does all the work portraying that sexy confidence, so let your smiling eyes convey that you’re also fun and positive.

Appreciate the woman in front of you

This couples with having a positive mindset when you approach. You don’t only have to see that you’re worthwhile, you also have to value her.

It’s also crucial to have in mind how interesting she is and appreciate her beauty. So long as you don’t take her for granted, your eyes will do most of the work for you without a conscious choice on your part.

Your eyes do give you away, and you’ll often be able to convey and read attraction instinctively.

Eye contact and kissing

Eye contact is powerful for setting up a kiss.

The trick is to triangulate your gaze, moving between both of her eyes and her lips, creating a mental connection for her that results in wanting to kiss you.

Move in about 90 percent of the way, closing your eyes at about 60 percent. She should come out the 10 percent to meet you. Then kiss her, pull back, make eye contact and smile.

It will make the kiss more personal and will doubtless lead to more, better kissing.

The look of love

Let’s not forget the most powerful look of attraction: that of a girl who loves you.

Deep gazing into each other’s eyes, or looking into each other’s eyes for extended periods of time, is often a sign of love.

There’s not a lot that can be said to describe it. However, it remains a powerful way of transferring emotion through eye contact.

For expert guidance on communicating with or without words, get in touch with me here.

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