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What Are Women Looking For In A Man?

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what are women looking for in a man

What Are Women Looking For In A Man?

In this ever evolving world, we live in a time where men are becoming confused.

They are confused with their gender role, how they should act, approach, say and behave around this new exciting type of woman that we have seen smash through society like a wrecking ball.

What am I talking about?

I am talking about the ’empowered woman’. The woman that is high and mighty, an absolute dragon in the den, the high value, high status woman that has gone after her career. She has a highly successful company with over 200 employees working under her command.

Since we started seeing the movement of gender equalities pierce through our society the world started to change. Women no longer wanted to be the passive stay at home wife of the 1950’s, they wanted to have their own income and be self sufficient.

I have tons of highly successful women around me and I continue to grow these relationships more so. I have the opportunity to tell you first hand what these mystic creatures think of us ‘in limbo’ men.

What women wantFirst of all lets go back to basics.

What are women looking for?

Women are looking for someone who is consistent, loyal and has the paternal qualities for the long run.
At the same time he has to have a set of values he sticks to.

How do women find what they are looking for?

They filter, yes they have a filtration system like you have in your water system at home.
There is plenty of flow coming through the system however if the water is not filtered who knows what the hell we are throwing down our throats!

So it’s to differentiate from the good and the bad. The strong and the week. The certain and the doubt.

The Reality

Women challenge men immediately, as soon as you approach and rightfully so.

When ever me and my clients talk about this, I try to give them perspective. So I break it down in a way in which they can relate to.

So imagine tomorrow morning your boss calls you in, he says “congratulations, i’m moving you up, I’m promoting you.”

But in order for for you take the job he says he wants you to take the week off to canvas for people to take your old position.

So you take your week off and you see several candidates and then the guy from Starbucks rocks up as he has heard about the job. Now bear in mind, what you do is a highly skilled job and you have to have a certain level of experience to really know what you’re doing.

Now I ask you… under what circumstances would you employ him?

…You wouldn’t right?


My student said it best on this weeks 7 Day Programme…. “Because they don’t have the right level of experience”

So what we are basically saying here is we are aware of the importance and willing to do the due diligence in our professional lives but when it comes to our personal lives we just qualify women on the ‘job’ of being your partner/companion on their looks.

(I’m literally laughing as I write this)

Can you see how ridiculous this is!?

Now lets get back to the point.

The point is these strong empowered women are still looking for a man that can lead, they are still looking for all of what I mentioned earlier.

And they are literally subtly interviewing you right from the start of the approach to where ever it ends as is every woman.

Women all want the same thing. It’s just with these types of women you have to understand that just because they are the bees knees in their professional environment doesn’t mean she wants to treat you (her potential boyfriend) as an employee.

In actual fact because of her stance, have a think about how most guys would treat her, they are most likely to feel suppressed around her emasculated the result being they present a shadow of them selves rather than their best self.

I hope this add’s some value to your day and gives you the insight to approach women that ‘scare’ you.

Make that a rule – ‘Always approach women that scare you’

As always you can catch me and my team on any of my programmes, just simply click HERE to

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