How To Meet Women In The Park

March 23, 2016 - 6 minutes read


How to meet girls in the Park

Spring has arrived and we are feeling more an more inspired by this beautiful weather as we leave the office on our lunch breaks or go for a soothing Sunday stroll in the park.

Women are everywhere guys you just have to open your eyes! And as I always say it’s always going to be about positioning meaning where you frequent and place yourself which will determine how good a return you get on your time.


How to pick up girls in the park

Now what I want to share with you is a few ways you can respectfully approach girls in the park. What I really don’t want you to do is come across as a bit of a ‘Sex Pest Sid’. So the main thing here before I give you these little ice breakers and transitions is to be comfortable with yourself. If you’re not comfortable – she’s not comfortable.

When approaching always assume comfort

How to pick up women during the day

Be at ease with yourself and embrace the joy of it being such a pleasant day, take a walk in the park and see what the glorious day has to offer. You should never be going out to just ‘pick up women’.
You should always be doing something rather than just having the sole purpose of ‘picking up women’. Give yourself the objective of going out for a walk and grabbing a coffee in the cafe by the lake or pass through a certain park to get to your favourite sandwich store. You don’t want to come across as if this is a sport for you, that’s not what I’m teaching here. I want you to come across as natural as possible. So look to build this into your lifestyle.

Where to meet girls

Something else I want to share with you: Women want this. Think about how it is being received. Think about the romance behind your approach and how it contrasts with how other people meet. Most people are used to meeting their partners though proximity attraction. What you are doing is offering a woman a unique experience and by not doing so you are simply being selfish.

Here’s 5 Openers you can use when you are in the park:

Fall in Love with the dog first

If you see a girl in the park with a cute dog, go over and fall in love with the dog!
“Oh My God! I love your dog!” and then literally squat down and begin stroking the furry fellow.
Obviously then your focus is transitioning into a conversation with the girl and stating your intentions, maybe just putting the game on the table; “Listen, I’ll be honest. Your dog is super cute but the reason I really came over here was because I like the look of you”

Tea or coffee

In the video below where the student gives his review of his 7 day experience you see him do an approach on a lady with a dog, on his way back you see another friendly female face. This is because at the time of me capturing that moment I spotted the girl looking over to me wondering what I was doing, I simply asked her where her accent was from, and transitioned to an instant date by asking are you a tea or a coffee girl. She was Italian so of course the answer was Coffee!

It’s hot lets grab a cold drink

Same principle as above, perfect for a lovely spring / summers afternoon.

Go direct!

Or if you don’t want to mess about with all the indirect and then transitioning stuff just put the game on the table right off the batt. “I saw you from over there and I just had to come over and say hello.”

Ask for directions THEN Transition

The old fashioned ‘I’m lost can you help me?’ or ‘Where’s Wally?’ opener. You are either lost or looking for something so you ask for directions etc. This is an easy way to open just don’t forget to actually state your intentions and do not milk the opener.

Here’s a recent review of this students experience on my 7 Day Programme, (Check out his approach in the park)

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