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Young Women That Want Older Men

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younger women that want older men - Johnny Cassell

What I’ve seen in a lot of cases is that many young women are looking for older men. A lot of older guys think they could be too old for a young woman. I say to all my clients to play up to your strengths, and if you’re an older guy, use this to your advantage!

There are 5 main reasons that young women do actually prefer older men.

Read below, and if you think that you have these qualities then you really are cooking with gas!

1) Older Guys can offer more security

One of the main reasons that women like older men is because they generally have their lives sorted out and have reached a level of success.

This goes all the way back to prehistoric times. The man who hunted and provided the most for the village was the most attractive because he had the most value. If a woman became his partner, she knew she would be well looked after, whereas a younger partner who couldn’t hunt very well would have been a burden.

In the modern day, women see these qualities in the older man. Someone who has a good job and is successful is able to provide for their partner. Someone who is actively building a future that she can be a part of is much more appealing than a young lad dossing round the streets or drinking every night with his pals!

2)     Most Younger Girls thing Older Guys are more Mature

Most younger girls think older guys are more mature. This isn’t necessarily the case. There are lots of older guys who are just as immature as guys a lot younger. But the important thing is in which aspect someone is mature.

Maturity goes hand in hand with experience.

Through life experience, an older man knows how to be emotionally available, to care, to support and to look after the relationship. A younger guy would have had little chance to gather the experiences necessary to learn these skills.

Women also like older men for being able to have a more mature conversation. They think older men will have more to say, with more weight to what they say, backed up by these experiences.

3) Older Guys are usually more confident

We all know confidence is attractive.

With confidence comes certainty.

With certainty comes security.

An older guy will have more experience with women both sexually and emotionally. The repetition creates core confidence in this area.

Additionally, a guy that is successful and has done well for himself knows his value and his skill, being over insecurities that might plague younger men.

4)     Older Guys are expected to be more experienced in the bedroom

Learning what women respond to in the bedroom and developing your own sexual technique is something that happens over time. Someone that has been with enough ladies over the course of his life is of course bound to have picked up a good trick or 10!

The younger girl will expect you to teach her a thing or two, but more importantly that you will devote a lot more care and attention to her than she is used to from the younger guys.

5)     More Patience comes with age!

Years of making mistakes can have its advantages. Knowing how to play the girl is a skill that takes years to learn and perfect. Knowing when not to reply, not to call too many times, can all help with keeping the girl on the hook.

By being able to put this into practice and understanding that in some cases the girl might just want a casual distraction, you will always keep them interested.

A younger guy may be prone to being needy if he feels he’s hit the jackpot. He may over-invest and behave in a way that shows he isn’t coming from an abundant place. This is ultimately an attraction killer.

But an older guy is generally more able to play the long game and not look to score on the first date. Generally we can exercise more patience and self-control with age.

Check out Confidence and Dating Coach Johnny Cassell’s videos on this subject and more, such as how to talk to a girl and how to talk to your crush.

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