5 reasons why it’s not money holding you back

May 16, 2019 - 9 minutes read

Plenty of people tie their woes and shortcomings to a lack of funds. I’m writing today to tell you that it’s not a shortage of money serving as a barrier to progress.

Money is a central part of modern life, whether you agree with the way the world works or not. Because so much depends on money, it can seem prohibitive if you start running low. On the other hand, you could have plenty of capital but beat yourself up because you have quite reached the next rung of the ladder.

People also see money as problematic when it comes to dating. There is an expectation that women are only after high-income gentlemen or that they will not like a person who does not fit a certain social profile.

Neither of these concerns are productive or health thought processes. While having money is necessary, it’s not the defining feature in either attraction or happiness.

And while it doesn’t grow on trees, if you stay social, opportunities will present themselves.

Why money isn’t the issue 

Money is a tool. If you read the rest of the article with that in mind, you’ll understand exactly how to separate money from success.

Why do you need money?

  • For the basics
  • To buy stuff that makes you feel safe and happy
  • To assist with your enjoyment of life
  • To live a classy lifestyle
  • To stock up on status symbols
  • To invest in businesses and projects

Let’s be honest… looking at that list, what do you really need money for?

Sure, everyone should make sure they have the basics covered – in the realm of dating, constantly grasping just above the breadline is not an attractive quality. Above that, however, what does reaching for that next level really mean?

To buy stuff that makes you feel safe and happy 

Everybody likes nice things, and it’s a key part of the journey towards self-betterment to reward yourself in a way that makes you feel good.

However, you shouldn’t need expensive material belongings to feel content and secure. Sitting down to figure out what you really want and calculating what you have to work on to get there is the first step to happiness. The next is pursuing that path will full-hearted intent.

That doesn’t cost any money. It’s likely to get you to the levels of financial success to which you aspire, because you’ll have a plan in place. If you follow that plan in a strategic way, you’ll start to see results. You’ll also know money is coming and feel much better about your current situation.

Reward yourself as money starts coming in. But don’t beat yourself up when it’s not.

To assist with your enjoyment of life 

While money buys you holidays, club memberships, nights out, and movie tickets, it doesn’t grant you immediate access to friends and fulfilment.

If you don’t learn to enjoy life before you reach your financial zenith, then you’re in for a rude awakening once the money starts rolling in: You’ll still feel something missing, because you won’t have the fundamentals in check.

Learning to socialise fluently is a safety net for happiness. You’ll be able to feel great and have fun during almost any circumstances, because you’ll have a support network and a group of positive people that stimulate good feelings.

As part of putting together a plan for your life, consider what you do in your spare time. Is it enriching? Does it add value or take it away? You could actually save money by drawing funds away from activities that do not nourish you and refocusing on your passions.

Learning to socialise also helps with networking and finding opportunities, which could put you in the money sooner than you think. Get in touch. I know a thing or two about it. 😉

To live a classy lifestyle 

You might need money to live a classy lifestyle, but did you realise you could live a classy lifestyle to make money?

A key part of the dating and social elevation work I do is about positioning. You have to place yourself around the type of woman you want. In the same way, you have to put yourself in environments that reflect the lifestyle you’re after.

I didn’t start making my real money until I joined a Member’s Club in Mayfair. It placed me around people on six-figure salaries, making the type of deals I could only dream of.

By being around them, I learned from them. Not only that, I built and used connections with them.

If you’re trying to become a millionaire, put yourself around them. And though it obviously costs a little to join these clubs, you don’t have to be a millionaire to do so. You just have to look the part and invest.

To stock up on status symbols 

But why, if you don’t yet have the status?

By all means, reward yourself. But your possessions should add value to your life, not exhibit power for the benefit of others.

The real status symbol is confidence: Being happy with and kind to yourself while striving to reach a higher level of contentment and success.

Being able to offer people something of value knowing it’s worthwhile and generating connections between people are surer signs of social advancement than any Lamborghini. Although if you want a Lamborghini, go for it.

To invest in businesses and projects

Even if you don’t have a great deal of money, you have three attributes: Being social, having integrity, and generating ideas.

If you’re not quite running at full tilt with these skills, develop them. They are going to be more important than money in the long run, but they might also be how you get to that income you always dreamed of.

There are myriad ways to get a project rolling if you don’t quite have the backing. Loans, kickstarters, partnerships – as long as you consider your options carefully, you don’t need to be concerned about income at this point.

Stand behind your ideas, live them, and the success will start rolling in – whatever form that takes for you.

Stop using money as an excuse and grab your life by the scruff of its neck today.

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