Six dating events for singles in London and the UK

June 30, 2017 - 6 minutes read


Which Dating Events?

There is quite the stigma attached to specialist dating events. They can be seen as reserved for those without the confidence to make approaches in non-specialised contexts, or the domain of men who can’t get dates by conventional means.

Given the nature of my career, I have spent much time at this sort of event both curating and helping clients, and you would be astonished at how much value a specialised environment can provide. You might not be getting ‘the cream of the crop’, but you’d be missing out in a big way by fully dismissing events like these.

Here’s a hint of the range of possibilities you have here…

  • Last Night A Speed Date Changed My Life
  • Killing Kittens
  • Give a Damn Dating
  • Shhh Dating
  • Playdate

I’ll break down what’s different about these events below, but just know you’re nowhere near limited to these. It’s simply about a change of attitude to allow yourself to get the most out of these scenarios.

Last Night A Speed Date Changed My Life

Speed dating gets sent up a fair bit in sitcoms and the like, but it’s actually a very fertile environment for opening relentlessly and repeatedly for a whole evening. You can practice things like sitting up straight, making eye contact, and holding comfortable body language and know full well that you will have the chance to amend any woes from the previous encounter.

This night isn’t so much a variant of speed dating as a really trendy take on it – you can guarantee quirky, creative people here, and it’s of course in the heart of Shoreditch for ultimate kookiness. You can meet an endless cycle of cool girls who you know are single. What’s not to like?

Killing Kittens

While more an elite sex club that a ‘dating’ environment, this is another surefire way to throw yourself in the deep end. All members are masked, adding a mystique mostly absent from other events, and there are special rooms in which you can… ahem, explore with your newly-forged connections.

Members are filtered by attractiveness (so this will only be applicable to a certain clientele within the world of dating) and women call the shots – meaning men can only attend as the guests of women and even then cannot make approaches.

It’s not ideal for that reason – the whole point is to become exceptional at the approach – but if you’re good-looking enough it can lead to a unique environment at this high class dating events club.

Give a Damn Dating

Have you tried going on numerous dates but always end up with a bland bit of nothing that watches TV and little else? Give a Damn is a surefire way around that.

Aimed mainly at driven, passionate people who have a thing that they love, be it a job or hobby, you will filter out those wishy-washy women and find yourself a really focused lady.

It’s a great format too, with attendees thrown into scenarios like the end of the world and invited to forge a connection in context.

Shhh Dating

A night designed to shut down the nervous witterers, the first round involves communicating in nothing but grunts and bleeps and the second complete silence while you stare into each others’ eyes.

It’s a great way to place focus on the paralinguistic elements of talking to women – elements that are so important for a successful close that they warrant attention in their own right. This night is an ideal playground for such features of communication.

You get a chance to mingle at the end, so you can really ratchet up tension with girls on the way round. 


For the do-ers, and those more aligned with fun than class. You get kids arts and crafts activities to do together for five minutes and this is more for the fun folk than the businesslike folk, although both are welcome. A live band follows the interaction leading to more stimulation and conversation.

There’s an afterparty at which to fully mingle and this is a really enjoyable environment to make new connections and let loose.

There are dating events for every age and type of person imaginable, especially in London. So why not hop online and see what’s available in your area?

Or, if you’d rather skip straight past the specialist events to be able to seduce women wherever you are, visit for more information on my bespoke one-to-one tuition services and confidence coaching.