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Emma Sayle & Johnny Cassell – Why It’s Important For Women To Explore Sexuality In Safe Spaces

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Johnny Cassell · Emma Sayle & Johnny Cassell – Why It’s Important For Women To Explore Sexuality In A Safe Space


Hey listeners,

It’s such a buzz to have this episode’s guest on the show.

I had the pleasure of hosting the brilliant business owner, philanthropist, and events entrepreneur Emma Sayle. We had a chat about her experience building brands and how she found time to rack up achievements while maintaining a happy life.
Why It’s Important For Women To Explore Sexuality In Safe Spaces


Emma is the brains and brawn behind Killing Kittens, a night of boutique, masked erotically charged parties that help women and men to expand their sexual repertoire and experiment in a safe, non-judgmental space.

It also runs as an online, Bumble-meets-Facebook-style dating app, as well as online workshops and educational materials to help women explore their sexuality.


With these parties and the app, one rule is fundamental – women make a move first.

Society has classically frowned on expressions of female sexuality while encouraging the promiscuity of men. However, the playing field has become far more equal in recent years, even though there’s a long way to go. Emma is a critical player in the fight to liberate female sexuality.

Outside of Killing Kittens, Emma founded Sister, a personal safety app for women, and works with Sisterhood, who collaborate with charities that specialise in helping women and children. She’s even run from Las Vegas to L.A. for the cause.


Leadership permeates through most of my teaching – I always talk about the importance of knowing what you want and using solutions-based thinking to get it.

Emma is a walking embodiment of leadership qualities. She felt a lot of anger about gender politics in the world, had a business idea that reinforced her core values, and went at it. Emma hasn’t just shaped her business – she’s developed the sexual landscape of the world around her.

Not only this, but she’s a fitness fanatic and dedicated family woman who has struck a delicate balance between her convictions, her passions, and her people.

There’s a heap of inspiration to be had from listening to people with belief and drive.

Emma has been a friend of mine for at least half a decade. It’s been amazing to watch the impact that she’s had on the world.

In this episode, Emma shared her perspective about:

  • How Killing Kittens got started from a Eureka Moment in Ibiza
  • The way growing up in the Middle East highlighted how imbalanced society has become in gender terms
  • The part she played in the female sexual revolution
  • Where the name Killing Kittens came from
  • Why she wants to include men in events
  • How she moved from her concept to the first event
  • The importance of owning sexuality in feminism
  • The power of building a community online to support events
  • How members keep the rules at events
  • Why the restrictions at her nights are empowering
  • How Killing Kittens has adapted to the lockdown
  • The power of virtual workshops

And much, much more. 

I run a weekly AMA every Tuesday on my Instagram, @LondonDatingCoach. I have inspirational, successful guests from all over the world to discuss the secrets to their mastery. Tune in and learn a thing or two.

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