Pick Up Artist

Pick Up Artist

What is a Pick up artist (PUA) ?

Pick Up Artist refers to a man who has the ability to pick up/seduce a woman within any given social situation. He has studied and practiced various techniques, which he then applies whilst interacting with woman. This allows him to gain a specific outcome, which can range from her phone number to sexual relations.
The Laws of attraction

Even though society may deem a woman to be out of a man’s league Pick Up Artists use the laws of attraction combined with their skills to seduce any woman they want. They achieve this by understanding how to trigger a woman’s reactions in order to create an overwhelming sense of attraction, trust and sexual desire.

What’s the diffence between a natural and a pick up artist?

Pick Up Artists have coined a term called ‘Natural’, which describes a man who seems to be naturally good with women. Although he has all the qualities that draw women to him, he is unaware of the science behind this attraction.
Stereotypically most PUA’s are not ‘Naturals’ it is their desire to better themselves and succeed in Pick Up that has allowed them to develope the qualities of a ‘Natural’. They also understand how and why they achieve their success with women.

The Pua community

Originally a very small underground movement the PUA community or Seduction community as it’s also known has grown into a sub-culture that has spread around the world. Its popularity has continued to grow over the last decade with various different training companies, private instructors and internet forums being set up in order to teach and aid would- be Pick Up Artists the art of seduction.