Recent Contacts App

January 7, 2019 - 4 minutes read

Recent Contacts App

A great little app I have recently come across that I recommend to many of my clients is Recent Contacts.

While this seems like a simple idea, it’s one that can support you as you take your dating game to new levels.

This is a free app on iOS that organises the new entries into your mobile contacts. Once you get in the flow of picking up phone numbers, it can become bothersome trying to remember everyone you meet.

This app provides a few handy workarounds for a person who has reached enough of a social flow to have phone numbers pouring in.

How does it work?

As you can imagine, when working with our clients, their dating game starts to kick off in ways that they are not used to.

One new problem they face is getting so many numbers they can’t keep track of who’s who.

This smart little app creates a list of all your recent entries to jog your memory about which ’Sara’ or ‘Hannah’ you are contacting. This saves you from sifting through all the Saras and Hannahs already occupying your phonebook to jog your memory.

It also provides stats so you can gauge your social outreach. For example, the app keeps track of when your most active time of day is in terms of adding new contacts. It can also monitor the most numbers you’ve ever added in a day, week, or month.

Why is it useful?

Recent Contacts is not only useful for people who are smashing the dating game, but also entrepreneurs and networkers who amass a vast number of contacts every day.

Succeeding at dating is a numbers game, sure, but it’s also about monitoring your progress and re-evaluating your approach. Recent Contacts helps you understand when you’re most effective at picking up phone numbers and categorises the names so you can act on them later.

It’s also an efficient way of maintaining social flow and momentum. You don’t have to mess around with “Which Lucy is this?”

You can start reigniting the rapport that led to her handing over her digits in the first place. Create callbacks to humorous elements from that first interaction and start to instigate a sense of fun.

Women respond less to generic greetings that responses and communications that demonstrate you having listened and remembered them.

Bonus tip

What I like to do to avoid potential confusion later on is make sure I always get a woman or possible contact’s full name.

That way, if you still not sure who it is despite the help of Recent Contacts, you can run a ‘background check’ by throwing their name into Facebook, Google, or even Instagram. This might help you get a little more info on her before you invest more time and energy into setting up a date.

However, even if you manage to remember a woman without Recent Contacts by using her full name, the app can help you group contacts together for ping and FOMO text message drops. For more information on these and other effective texting techniques for groups of recent numbers, check out my blog post on turning a woman on through text.

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