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10 tips for boosting your libido and testosterone

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0 tips for boosting your libido and testosterone

In this post, I’m going to talk about some simple steps you can take to boost your testosterone and sex drive.

Men are always positioned as highly sexual creatures. However, if we want to be primed for peak sexual performance at all times, we need to make sure that our bodies and minds are physically ready.

Sex drive is a complicated network of emotional, psychological, and hormonal factors that even a bad day at the office could send plummeting.

Therefore, you need to make sure that your body has a good foundation to protect you against any knocks to libido.

Libido does not just yield sexual benefits. Avoiding sexual frustration, whether you are in or out of a relationship, is key to avoiding stress and an effective way to keep sex from the forefront of your mind as a worry.


Exercise is key to retaining libido.

Maintaining an erection is pretty dependent on good cardiovascular health and efficient blood flow, and building muscles increases the amount of testosterone that circulates in the body. This is a natural sexual stimulant that is inextricably linked to sexual feelings.

Exercising yourself into the right shape is also key for a positive body image. Believing that you are attractive and capable of giving a woman an unforgettable sexual experience without running out of breath or going limp is central to maintaining libido.

Avoiding masturbation

Discovering masturbation as a teenager feels like finding out you have a superpower. However, it can drain your masculine energy later in life.

A little five-knuckle shuffle here and there is fine. When it becomes a habit, you’re substituting the sensation for the real thing and depriving yourself of sex drive. You could be putting that sexual energy to use with a real woman later that night.

You’re also getting comfortable with the idea you can give yourself an orgasm. However, you should be thinking about how to include a girl in that sphere of pleasure.

If you do feel an uncontrollable urge to masturbate, make sure you’re not using pornography. It sets unrealistic expectations of sex that can hamper you in face-to-face interactions with women.

Certain fruits

While everyone responds differently to nutrition, certain fruits are said to have aphrodisiac qualities.

Such fruits include:

  • figs
  • avocados
  • bananas

While these are not going to provide an immediate sexual buzz, they contain certain compounds that are thought to boost and preserve libido.

However, evidence is thin on the ground to confirm this. Fruit and veg contain a lot of vitamins and minerals that benefit blood circulation without considering their aphrodisiac effect, so they should feature heavily in anyone’s diet.

Relieve stress

Stress is one of the worst cock-blockers.

Worrying about pressure at work, family matters, or other stressful factors does not leave space for thoughts of sexual intimacy.

This frequently happens in long-term relationships. Work can pile up and alter the sexual mood. Methods are available for taking your mind off of your workload or whatever else is bearing down on you, such as:

  • going for a short run or walk
  • taking a long bath
  • couple’s massage
  • meditation and mindfulness
  • yoga
  • boxing
  • relaxing, ambient music

Clear your head, and if your relationship needs a bit of a kick in the libido department, pursue this as a couple.

One glass of wine

Some people think that getting smashed and making loud sex jokes qualifies as real innuendo, but that’s not genuine sexual libido.

Testosterone levels and sexual energy that you can control should not come at the invitation of alcohol or drugs. It should just be a part of your day.

However, one glass of wine or pint might loosen you up and help lubricate the conversation, supporting your confidence.

Real confidence comes from within, however, and that should be the real goal of building a foundation for your libido.

Discuss relationship difficulties

If you’re in a relationship, sweeping big topics, problems, and arguments under the carpet can build a slow-burning sense of resentment and complexity. These can sit on top of daily stresses, compounding them. This might get in the way of healthy libido.

Be clear and talk through problems. Having elephants in the room will increase the tension – and not the right kind. Arguments can not only ruin sex, but they can also push you towards isolation and a lack of interest in sexual activity.

That will be essential for maintaining your libido within the relationship and even more important for not adding to the stress in your head.

Also, remember to stay fresh in the relationship. Visit new places and keep a foot forward in maintaining a sense of fun. Having a sense of fun in your life, even outside of a couple, is an excellent way of retaining a psychological sense of libido. It can also assist your readiness to make any encounter naughty if needs be.

Keep your home tidy

A clear mind is a clear head. And a clear head is one that has space for sexual thoughts and the balance to handle them in the right way.

It also makes the atmosphere better when you’re chilling out at yours with a girl, as well as more discerning for places with better ambiences when you’re out.

This might seem pedantic, as there’s no less sexy feeling than picking laundry up from the floor, but I guarantee this will give you better energy throughout the day. That includes sexual energy.

Sleep well

Sleep has vital implications for all aspects of thought and emotion throughout the day.

Insufficient sleep impacts on mood, brain function, productivity, the lot – and the effect it has on sex drive is pretty powerful. If you are knackered, sex will become a chore rather than a fun and exciting experience.

If you can’t get enough sleep due to having children or looking after an elderly relative, make sure you take naps throughout the day.

Talk to women

The best way to keep your testosterone going and maintain or regain a powerful sex drive is to engage in conversations with women.

In fact, being able to conduct a fluid conversation with a woman and maintain a sense of fun and spontaneity means that when you do choose to turn up the heat in conversation, it’s with women for whom you have genuine sexual feelings.

This will help you engage your libido when it’s needed the most.

Develop your confidence

I impress the importance of confidence on many of my students when it comes to having impactful conversations with women, but it is not only beneficial for attracting others.

Feeling attractive and successful in yourself is as essential for maintaining your own libido as it is for doing well in the field of dating. If you feel like a failure, are physically unfit, or start overthinking the situation because you “don’t deserve” to be with a particular woman, your sex life will suffer.

If that suffers, then your future enthusiasm for pursuing the right woman for you will also suffer.

Each of these 10 tips may not work for everyone, but if you find your libido slipping, none of these will hurt to try, and all will improve your life in other ways. 

For one-to-one guidance and training in how to put that libido to effective use, visit for information on my 7-Day Programme.



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