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32 Dirty Truth Or Dare Questions And Games To Take Teasing To A New Level

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32 Dirty Truth Or Dare Questions And Games To Take Teasing To A New Level

Truth or Dare is a great game you can whip out to spice up a party or a dirty night with other couples. However, it can also enter your bedroom play to stimulating effect.

I’ve rounded up tips from both the truth and dare corners to introduce intimate physical contact and keep the fun rolling.

If you’re the type of person who struggles to get in touch with their naughty side and express their sexual desires, this is just the tonic. It allows you to try out a whole bunch of kinky stuff without feeling like you’re overstepping the boundaries.

With Truth or Dare, you’re being invited to share exciting and embarrassing facts about yourself and push your limits within a relatively safe, non-judgmental environment.

It’s time to practice letting your inhibitions go. If it’s a drinking game and you feel comfortable drinking, then, by all means, join the flow of the gathering.

Games like this are great for both building self-esteem and establishing rapport with women to whom you want to be more intimate.

“Truth” Questions And Ideas For Partners

If you’re using this game as a way to escalate contact with a girl you like, you want to make it as sexy as you can. Bear in mind that you’ll also be asked to join in with potentially raunchy activities.

These questions increase the heat (and the stakes) on the “Truth” element. It may be better to lean on these as the game warms up before moving onto the raunchier dares.

Language is great for sparking imagination, and getting a woman’s fantasy going is one of the most sexually exciting things you can do.

Think of this part as linguistic foreplay.

On that note, don’t ask questions like “Do you think of your exes while you’re with me?” that could lead to potentially problematic and tense scenarios. This is fun, sexy, and about getting closer to your partner.

I’ve also included a list of questions for group games of Truth or Dare that you want to turn up a notch. If you’re somewhere like Ibiza at a house party or having a raunchy weekend with other couples, you can crank up the heat with these ideas:

  1. What was going through your head during our first kiss?
  2. When was the first time you realised you wanted to fuck my brains out?
  3. Have you ever been naked in public?
  4. If you were allowed to fuck one celebrity without any ramifications, who would it be?
  5. Which costume would turn you on the most if I rocked up to your bedroom in it one evening?
  6. What led to the best orgasm you’ve ever had?
  7. What’s the horniest you’ve felt in a public place with me?
  8. Describe your weirdest sexual fantasy.
  9. What’s the longest you’ve ever had sex for?
  10. What’s your favourite part of your partner’s body?

“Truth” Questions For Parties 

 Describe the night you lost your virginity.

  1. What’s the most embarrassing time you got a boner/got wet in public?
  2. Name three things you’d kick someone out of bed for.
  3. [Point to another person in the circle] Your boss offers you a steamy night with your wife for £3,000,000. Would you do it?
  4. Have you ever fucked someone in public? If so, where was it?
  5. What have you never done in bed but have a super-strong urge to?
  6. Shag, marry, kill around the circle. Go!
  7. Have you ever used food in the bedroom?
  8. Have you ever run off to the bathroom to rub one out at work?
  9. What did you last think about when you masturbate?

Naughty Ideas For A Dare

 As you escalate the sexual tension, there’ll be more room for working in some cheeky dares. You might feel more comfortable trying these one-on-one with a partner before involving other couples.

The best way to approach it is not to direct every sexual act towards yourself, but instead share the atmosphere around. Unless you’ve established a different status quo around swinging, it’s also best to keep any dares within couples. It could get super awkward otherwise.

On a one-to-one basis, Truth or Dare can still add spice to a couple’s relationship, however long they’ve been together.

  1. I dare you to call the first number on your phone and make orgasm noises down the line.
  2. I dare you to give your partner a lapdance.
  3. I dare you to lay down and get tickled with a feather for a whole minute.
  4. I dare you to take off your partner’s bra with one hand.
  5. I dare you to touch your partner’s pants until you feel a twitch.
  6. I dare you to kiss your partner for a full minute.
  7. I dare you to let your partner keep an ice cube on your bellybutton with their mouth for 30 seconds.
  8. I dare your partner to eat this chocolate off of your cleavage.
  9. I dare you to give your boyfriend/husband a boner without touching him.
  10. I dare you both to go into that wardrobe and get as far as you can and back in 60 seconds.
  11. I dare you to put on a blindfold and let the other couples choose three places for you to kiss your partner. You have to guess where you’re kissing.
  12. I dare you and your partner to unwrap a hard candy using nothing but your lips.


Truth or Dare is a fun way to spice up a sexy couples’

evening. Make sure you don’t take it too far – it’s about stimulation, not exhibitionism.

If a couple gets uncomfortable, come up with a milder dare. It’s about everyone getting comfortable with their boundaries and letting their guards down should they choose.

Keep it classy, and you’ll have a night to talk about across your pillows for weeks to come.

Learn about establishing electric sexual tension with my virtual Impactful Connection workshops.



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