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How to text a girl

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Whats the Best Way to Text A Girl?

Phones can be a blessing and a curse. They can be an endless depository of girls’ numbers to try but can lead to embarrassment and overthinking. The choice is invariably yours.

It’s worth knowing how to start a text conversation with a girl and how to make a girl like you without picking up the phone. It’s not always convenient or easy to make a call and texting is a quick way to generate good feeling.

Here’s how and what to text a girl you like.


Should I text her? If you’re looking to find out how to make girls like you, it’s not going to start by replacing that first contact phone call with a cop-out text message.

Texting is a fantastic way of monitoring how to keep a girl interested, but it is not a substitute for real interaction, or for letting your personality show in your voice.

The voice is a powerful way to instigate an attraction. If you’re wondering how to text girls, the answer is sparsely and as a last resort.


Never mind what to text a girl, you ecome creepy if you’re texting her every second of the day. You should be inspiring her to crave your attention, not the other way round.

Leave at least 2 to 3 hours before replying to a text. This is how to make a girl want you. You’ll leave her wanting more, and you’ll look busy to boot.

It won’t matter what to say to a girl if you say too much of it. Ration contact and inspire attraction through scarcity.


Make sure you are coherent and can get your message across. Put in a concerted effort to type clearly, even if she doesn’t.

A woman is rarely going be turned on by illiteracy, and you have the time and space to think about it. Set out to have your grammar in check.


Fun isn’t restricted to face-to-face conversations, and for anyone chewing over how to flirt with a girl over text, it’s about showing you can have fun.

Lightly poke fun at both her and yourself. Throw out silly responses to her answers and create a mock barrier ruling her out of your dating pool.

Don’t try to get too serious – that’s not how to text a girl you like. And don’t think of it as ‘things to text a girl’ – just fun things to text. Self-amuse with the whole process. If you don’t find something funny, why are you saying it?


Remember, texting is a stepping stone to a date, and if you aren’t asking, you aren’t getting.

You don’t have to make a big deal of it. If you’re wondering what to say to a girl you like, save your best ideas for when you’re face-to-face. Make the text about the practicalities more of an arrangement than a proposition, and plan a fun activity while you’re at it.

Keep the arranging as part of the fun. The first step of how to get the girl to date you is to keep it light and give the impression you’re like this with everyone, especially other girls. Stoke her jealousy.


If you’ve already had a successful date with a girl, you’ll want to continue priming that sexual tension. How to make her want you on a consistent basis is to avoid relentlessly texting girls and instead sporadically send dirty texts.

Learn to pick up on not-so-subtle cues in texts (like, for example, an overuse of emojis on her part) and ride with it. Tell her you’re thinking about her, use hints and innuendos, and don’t lay on the imagery too thick.

Knowing how to tell if a girl likes you over text is key, and it’s as simple as the fact she is continuing to text you and continues to be flirty and affectionate. Arrange a real-life date while the text interaction is this heated.

If you’re consider texting as a viable method of how to keep a girl interested, just remember that in-person bonding is the primary way of how to make a girl yours.

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