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I’m getting a lot of questions lately that are touching base on pretty much the same thing so I thought I’d put this one to rest

I have a question, lately, especially today it seems like every girl I game during the day is with her mom or family, and sometimes I feel pretty awkward. Any advice on girls that are with their moms or families? – Matt

If you are approaching a girl that is with her mum, family, next of kin or whatever. Start off by approaching the obstacle and go direct here’s how I would approach a mum and a daughter

You: hey this is really random, I think your friend is super cute, I know you guys are just hanging but is it cool if I just just talk to her for 2 mins

Mum: ha sure it’s actually my daughter but ye go ahead

And that’s it SIMPLE! I understand it’s quite ballsy but this works. I remember one time with a residential student I spotted a seated set (mum and daughter) in a coffee shop in Central London. So I told him the principle behind it and off he went. In moments I saw the mum politely get up and go to the toilet whilst the student sat down in her place opposite the daughter and number closed her – absolutely beautiful to watch.

The principle’s behind it are simple: respect the mum’s position  and ask her for permission to speak to her friend. (I always say friend because they then feel a bit younger) The same rule applies if other family members are present.


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