Why People Un-friend you on Facebook

October 15, 2013 - 2 minutes read

why people unfriend you on facebook

Facebook is a fantastic place to stay in touch with your friends family and acquaintances, but what I want to address is why is it that people unfriend others on Facebook?
The first thing I want to point out is: Stop posting the dirty laundry over Facebook.

I see so many people putting what I call there dirty laundry all over Facebook. Bitching about a friend/ex bf/gf, announcing a break up or how depressed they are well here’s the thing… STOP, because no one wants to hear it. Look at it like this – negative energy and positive energy is contagious and no one really invites the black cloud to the party.

Start to see Facebook as your market place.

You are a brand, choose to market yourself positively not negatively.

The big No’s
  • No my gf has left me songs
  • No negatively driven status updates
  • No serial picture posting (people don’t want to see an overkill of all your pictures peppered all across their news feed every day)
  • No mass inviting your friends to geeky games like candy crush or farmsville
  • No mass event inviting

Other reasons:

  • You never actually see each other offline
  • Friending their friends when you don’t know them
  • Too many status updates
  • Talking too much about your love life or partner
I once saw a status that said:

“Don’t Facebook your problems… face your problems”

Pretty much sums it up there and to what a lot of people are thinking every time you post  a negative or depressing status.

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