Christian Dating

December 18, 2016 - 10 minutes read

Christian dating

It can be pretty hard getting into dating when there’s someone else involved. When that someone else is Jesus Christ, it gets even more tricky.

Christianity is intended as a bringer of peace and happiness in daily life, as with any religion. And if you believe in it enough that it is part of your everyday life, wanting to focus on Christian dating and  building a Christian family, then you have to set clear boundaries and have great focus and integrity.

As I tell my students on the 7 Day Course, that doesn’t mean forgoing fun, strong romantic feelings and giving the best of yourself to a girl. You also have to be just as competitive and it doesn’t mean turning the other cheek and letting someone else get the girl you like.

Whether you’re on christian dating sites or at church camp, stay within these boundaries and you can’t go far wrong:


Let me take these one at a time.

Gauge how important religion is for you.

If Christ’s a common thread, and he’s important to both of you, the big guy’s bound to come up in conversation. In the UK and US especially, there’s such varying levels of faith and so many different denominations that more than almost any other religious connection it’s important that you know where to draw the line.

Case in point: I have a friend whose Mum and Dad are Baptist and Catholic respectively. Growing up, my friend got a taste of both, but on wanting to become Baptist, her dad insisted she go through confirmation and become Catholic. Now she isn’t religious at all.

So work out if your denominations are compatible. Importantly, gauge how important religion is in your lives. If you generally like the idea of having a Christian family and are not particularly pious, you may not be used to the restrictions of dating a highly religious woman, and vice versa. You might also be missing out on a sexual relationship if that isn’t something that bothers you before marriage.

There’s no wrong or right answer for this part: just refer to the scriptures and know what you stand for if you are basing a relationship choice on a belief system.

Hang out with other Christians

The great thing about looking for Christian girls is the togetherness of Church communities – there are always social events with likeminded people going on. Plus, you may end up doing volunteering or charitable work with a girl you like, which aside from the simple act of putting good into the world is a great chance to show your best side.

If you’re a little intimidated by church, or don’t go often, then you could do worse than Christian dating sites. They function just the same as dating sites for free outside of Christianity, and the great thing is you can let them do the filtering for you.

Here are a few fantastic free dating websites to find other Christians. There are great free dating sites in USA and the UK:

Christian Dating for Free:

Christian Matchmaker: &

CDFF – UK Christian dating app

Christian Connection:

Christian Mingle login:

Free dating sites are a cheap and effective way to talk with lots of new women. But it does sometimes seem that dating sites free people of the need to be honest. It’s a dangerous place for a leap of faith.

With religious relationships it always helps to meet face-to-face and enjoy each other’s company, as if you’re waiting until marriage to have sex, your company is at present all you have. But there are dating websites free and ample, and Christian websites to boot – you’d be a fool not to at least give them a try.

Finding confidence outside of vices

If you’re Christian enough to have searched for this article, you probably abstain from most if not all vices. Though it’s common enough to watch non-religious young and free singles chat with a beverage in tow, you have to gleam your confidence from elsewhere – as it always should, abstinent or otherwise.

Putting the ‘Christian singles’ label on you both takes away from the fact that this should just be a normal date. You still have to carry yourself with pride, and still have to make the most of what makes you special and fun. You still ask open questions, let her talk and react to what she is saying, actively listening.

You can pray before going out if needs be, whatever makes you feel great. Just go out with an aim to talk to as many people as you can, and form new friendships and connections with Christian girls.

If anything, Christianity is just one more thing is common with the girl you’re talking to, and that is always a bonus. Don’t hang around the topic for too long, even if you’re religious – focus on what makes you an individual.

Think about what you’d put on a free dating site – not just ‘Christian.’ You’d put ‘likes tennis’ or ‘enjoys a good subtitled movie’ or something that gives a sense of who you are. Carry yourself this way.

Set mutual limits

Free dating and Christian dating often lead to the same crossroads: what to do when sex enters the picture. As I mentioned before, there are so many different shades of Christianity that you need to know each other’s boundaries – much like secular dating. Everyone, religious or otherwise, has boundaries, and whether you found them in a free dating site for christian singles or one of the free date sites outside of that world, those boundaries will get knocked on sooner or later.

It’s good to set your stall out pre-emptively, although it’s more likely that whoever is more in favour of chastity will draw the line in the sand first. Establish this face-to-face as well, and not on a free christian dating site; as aforementioned, dating sites for singles are open to deception and you really need to avoid that when discussing sexual boundaries.

DO NOT trespass those.

Don’t give up on what you believe for a girl

No girl is worth your integrity and your moral values. You can browse dating websites for free, but they are not without a cost, and you could find yourself drifting from what you hold dear. Always hang on to your core beliefs – respect them and respect yourself.

I’m in no position to vouch for one stance over another, but if you don’t want to sleep with a woman until you’re married, don’t let the temptations that dating sites for singles have in them lead you elsewhere. Likewise, if you’re looking for a sexual relationship instead, you may end up frustrated at having to adapt to an chaste girlfriend’s pace.

Head to one of those free online dating sites – or your nearest Church seminar – and give it a go!

Have a look at my courses here if you want to build your confidence with women.

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