Valentines Day Tips

3 Tips for Valentines Day

Published on February 9, 2013

February the 14th is creeping up again and you haven’t got a date to celebrate…

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How To Get Women Into Bed

Published on October 11, 2012

Johnny Cassell arrives back in London after coaching in sin city Las Vegas. Here he…

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Conveying High Value Status In Night Clubs

Published on April 12, 2012

  Being infield over the years I put together this talk for the LSS, (London…

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how to have girls like a promoter

Have Women Around You Like A Top West End Club Promoter

Published on January 3, 2012

As part of finding and becoming my better self I found myself in the midst…

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My Celebrity Friend Opener

Published on August 21, 2011

Something I have been having fun with lately that I would like to share with…

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Smooth State Breaking

Smooth State Breaking

Published on June 21, 2011

Smooth State Breaking : Ok, what I’m going to break down right here is the…

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