How to turn a woman on

January 17, 2017 - 8 minutes read

Tips on How to Turn A Woman On!

Getting past social hurdles and becoming the life and soul of any room you’re in is just one part of my 7 Day Course. However, beyond sealing the deal, knowing how to turn a girl on and giving her an amazing time will not only have them coming back for more, but will boost your confidence for the next girl you talk to.

People act like triggering the female sex drive is Atlantis-level mythology, but it’s nothing more than psychology, biology and build-up. There are so many turn-ons for girls and knowing how to turn on a girl is well within your reach.


You’re not going to come close to providing turn ons if you’re in a room full of people. Confidently lead her to a quieter corner, or even a different place entirely.

Ambience is crucial. Bright lights and noises and hordes of people put up a woman’s guard instantly. Be sure to set your scene effectively and be somewhere you know you can take your time seducing her.


And make eye contact. Confidence is what turns women on before you’ve touched them, and eye contact is a sure way to deliver it in bucketloads.

Shouted sex invitations are not on the list of what turns a girl on, so moderate your volume and keep your voice low and masculine. Talk softly and closely to her ear, as if you are sharing a secret, and be sure always to draw your head back and make eye contact.

In terms of specific things to say to turn a girl on, you could try talking about sex. It can be easy to become overtly bashful when talking about this, especially if you haven’t yet breached that barrier, but if you are purposeful, playful and upfront it can feed the atmosphere spectacularly.

If you are in a relationship, make sure you let your girl know that she is special and that you mean to make her feel so. How to turn your girlfriend on revolves around how unique she feels being with you – so allow that to come across on your words before it physically manifests itself.


With your heads level, make sure you are flickering your eyes between her eyes and her lips. Get her to think about kissing you – you are leading her mind to those thoughts with your eyes.

Make sure you keep your eyes away from her more sensitive parts. A woman can feel you looking at her breasts from a mile away and this creates expectation and pressure. Leave it to her imagination and focus solely on her face.


Commanding embraces but gentle brushes of the fingers are some of the key things that turn girls on. Keep a firm grip around the base of her back with one hand and stroke her face or the top of her ear while you are kissing. Making her feel supported while teasing her with your fingertips is a fantastic way of creating an electric environment.

Lightly brushing her hair away from her face, or playing with her hair, is another one of the biggest turn ons for girls. Pre-coitus grooming is an evolutionary trait of humans and even an allusion to this via the brushing or light playing of hair is a notable step in the right direction. For the same reason, a girl playing with her hair is one of the biggest turn ons for guys.

That’s what I was saying earlier: knowing how to turn her on is a simple matter of biology. If you have some awareness of how we had sex in the primitive days before social etiquette, you’ll know what makes a woman’s body tick.


And on that note, when things really are escalating, take a note of and make a decision to return to the many zones on a woman’s body that are hypersensitive.

As John Cleese once deftly put it, this doesn’t necessarily mean ‘stampeding towards the clitoris like a bull in a china shop’ although only a fool would ignore the clitoris. That’s the business end of bringing her off.

But you have the head, lips, ears, the nape of the neck, her nipples, her lower back and her inner thighs to play with. Make sure you’ve given them a full tour and that you treat them gently and tenderly. Girls turn ons come from here. Pay them a visit.


This seems to be a little on the obvious side, but the same way that fun is infectious, what turns you on can turn her on too.

If you don’t know how to get turned on, you’re probably doing this for the wrong reasons. And if you don’t know what turns you on, you’ll have a hard time convincing her you know how to turn her on as well.

Seeing a sexually hungry girl in full swing is one of the biggest turn ons for guys, so if you’re struggling in the moment, use some of the above techniques and join her in her passion. You’ll see the sexual electricity increase exponentially.


A gentleman who can lead will always be a turn on, but leave her room to take her own initiatives as well. A powerful turn on for girls is a feeling of empowerment, and smothering her will detract from this. Make sure she has room to breathe, always remember less is more, and teasing will work better than simply jamming your fingers in her.

Like a conversation or a kiss, sex and intimacy is a two-way street and feels best when both parties are invested. What turns girls on is how turned on they are – seems like a circular argument, but the fact they are expressing how turned on they are will make them

It is not a difficult thing to know to turn on your girlfriend – it comes down to the same essentials of reading the situation, reacting sensitively, and taking the lead at the right time. This will come only with practice.

Get that practice and a great deal more advice and guidance here.