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7 Great things about dating an older woman

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If you’re starting to tire of dating women your age, and perhaps you’re looking for a change, you may be starting to think about dating older women.

As I impart to the students on my 7 Day Course, mastering seduction is about being able to strike up an impactful connection with any woman. Only then can you make an experienced choice when qualifying a woman as your long-term partner.

Knowing the great qualities older women possess is the key to a successful approach. I’ll also give you some handy tips on stepping your game up for the heightened demands of an older woman.

Why do I want to date older women?

Dating is a matter of preference, but there are a few bona fide reasons why men dating older women talk about how great it can be.


As with guys, there are alpha and beta women. Alpha women are smart, successful, tend to take the lead and go out alone. Beta women are less so but look to feel better by hooking up with a younger guy, so are a surer bet when approaching.

Either way, the majority of older women you talk to, especially if they’re well-presented, are likely to be highly motivated and professional. This means they’ll be independent-minded and unlikely to be needy, clingy, or after your money.

Success breeds confidence, and if they’re advanced in a career or social status, then an older woman will have an abundance of self-esteem. Confidence is the foundation for attracting another person.


Older women dating have bags of experience. That goes for life experience and sexual experience.

Experience means that they’ll be qualifying you more critically, the same way you will once you’ve gotten great at talking to women. Because of this, they won’t waste their time talking to you if they’re not interested.

Experience means they’re able to take a more refined, holistic approach to relationships, and that they will likely be better rounded than a younger woman.

One of the great leaps for a young man dating an older woman is the sexual experience. Practice makes perfect, and older women have been practicing for longer. Their confidence may also make them feel more at ease with their sexual identity, and more in touch with their fantasies. 

Older women know what they want

When I talk to my clients about what makes a man attractive to women, knowing what you want and how to get it is one of the first things I mention.

Older women have this quality in spades. They know what they’re looking for in a younger guy, how they want to be treated, and the way they want to be seduced.


Maturity is not just about age. You could know incredibly mature and well-balanced people your age.

Instead, think of maturity as successfully balancing the various complex elements of life, having a healthy perspective, and making decisions that are considered and confident.

An older woman may be balancing a high-flying job, kids, the pressures that being older can bring, and investing in themselves enough to glow with confidence. The added maturity means that they’re unlikely to be clingy and make irrational choices and that they are much more worldly and intelligent.

I’m not just talking intellect, as that will vary from woman to woman regardless of age. Older women possess a wealth of emotional intelligence that means they’ll be keen-eyed in reading you, and great at naturally propelling conversation.

Exciting conversation

Precisely because of the emotional intelligence that maturity brings, a young man dating an older woman can expect a higher level of conversation.

Perhaps they’ve experienced more and have a proactive lifestyle, meaning they have stories by the boatload. It’s more the way an older woman conducts a conversation.

They will often take the lead and be the ones asking the questions, especially the alpha women.

This conversational flow is at odds with how a date with a girl your age would play out, and it raises the level of the encounter to an exciting new level.

Older women are also more openly flirtatious than younger women. They’re likely to be a lot more open and suggestive if you’ve ticked the right boxes.

Encouraging honesty

Older women have dated their fair share of guys, and plenty of those guys will have disappointed them.

Either they lied outright or didn’t quite set up expectations correctly, but her ample experience with men before you means that she will be reading you like a book.

Their effective judgment of character encourages you to be more direct, honest, and upfront concerning who you are and what you do with your time.

During my workshops, I encourage directness as part of any approach. Older women can do a great job of bringing such qualities out of you.

A great challenge

Ultimately, it can be challenging to get past that first boundary with an older alpha woman.

That’s what makes them so great. Dating older women is a fantastic way to ‘level up,’ and the rewards of taking down that initial barrier are plentiful.

It’s the challenge that adds to the excitement.

Tips for dating older women

I’ve got a few important suggestions as to how to date an older woman. You’ll be able to take the challenge head on.

o    CHOOSE BETWEEN ALPHA AND BETA EARLY ON and adjust your approach to the choice you make. For example, I prefer alpha women as they are more driven and know what they want, so I have to leave room in my approach for that.

o    NOTICE SMALL DETAILS AND REACT TO THEIR CONVERSATION to show that you are listening. With emotional intelligence comes the ability to tell when your mind’s elsewhere, or if you’re trying to fast-track sex.

o    BE CLASSY. Older women are expecting a higher standard of man. Pull out chairs, get her jacket, and walk on the side of the pavement nearest to the street. Be an old-school gentleman. It’s the very least they expect.

o    AVOID PRETENSION because she will spot it from a mile away. Be honest and don’t try to seem smarter or more sophisticated than you are. She will call your bluff.

o    SHOW HER YOUR WORLD without fear or hesitation. If an older woman is talking to you, it’s because she’s into who you are. Show her the parts of your life that make you “you,” whatever they are, and show passion while you’re introducing her.

Mastering the seduction of any woman, any age, is the key to exploring the limits of your sexual prowess.

To start your journey, head to to find out about my bespoke one-on-one seduction coaching.

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