Summary of Effect of Massage Movements

Jun 21, 2011

SUMMARY OF EFFECTS OF MASSAGE MOVEMENTS EFFLEURAGE – soothing movement • Increases arterial, venous and lymphatic flow Arterial – bringing oxygen, nutrients (for cell regeneration) Venous – removing carbon dioxide and waste material Lymphatic – removing and filtering waste and excess tissue fluid • Increase in circulation will warm the tissue and prepare for deeper […]

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Acceleration Event

May 21, 2011

Guys we have a HUGE event in March that is going to be held in London. Please check it out Speakers are: Mathew Hussey (highly respected motivation and life coach in the community) Kezia Noble  (Author of the best-selling book “15 steps to becoming a masters seducer” and world leading female pick up coach) Ali […]

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tantric sex image

Tantric Sex

Apr 15, 2011

Its’s a Luscious day, the suns out and the skys are painted ocean blue, there’s just something sexual about the weather I can feel it. So today iv decided to post about tantric sex, here’s an introduction with some notes WHAT IS TANTRIC SEX? Tantra means a written text. Not many tantric texts have been […]

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